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Support queries shared: Restore an NTBackup with Windows Server 2008

We’ve had a few customers asking about whether our backup software BackupAssist can be used to restore old backups originally created using NTBackup, to a new 2008 server.

This isn’t such a crazy idea when you consider that at the point that you upgrade to Server 2008 you may well have a large history of old backups from your old 2003 server and still need files from within them on your new server.

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BackupAssist Hyper-V backup product review on SearchServerVirtualisation (TechTarget)

SearchServerVirtualisation screenshotBackupAssist’s Hyper-V product has been featured in a recent review on the virtualisation pages of the TechTarget group Web site.

Acknowledged as one of the smaller players in the Hyper-V backup market, BackupAssist with it’s Hyper-V Granular Restore Console received praise as a product that –

“offers great value for small and medium-sized businesses” 

…and is “a good place to start if you’re an SMB”.

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BackupAssist’s Hyper-V backup Webinar recording now online

Hyper-V Youtube screengrabA little over a month ago, I announced our friends ‘down under’ at BackupAssist developer Cortex IT were hosting a webinar for a limited number of channel partners from around the globe – presented by Jason Schultz, one of the lead programmers.

There were a few of you who were busy with the day jobs and weren’t able to attend so the guys at Cortex have kindly uploaded the recorded version to YouTube, ready for viewing over a cuppa. Perhaps a few cuppas actually – it’s a long one at a just under an hour but it really is worth sitting through if you’ve got any interest in using BackupAssist in a Hyper-V environment.

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INVITE: BackupAssist developer webinar – Agentless backup and recovery scenarios for Hyper-V

Hyper-V webinarOur Aussie friends over at BackupAssist developer Cortex IT, have opened up a great opportunity for our partners to attend the first in what we hope will be a series of online Webinar/ Q&A sessions.

They’re presented directly by the BackupAssist development team and are a unique chance to hear about BackupAssist’s Hyper-V backup capabilities while also providing feedback should you wish.

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BackupAssist 6.4 is here! Super fast image backups, custom boot media and more…

BackupAssist 6.4 headerFurther to my recent post about the Beta, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve put the finished version live on our site – so now seems as good a time as any to let you know what’s in it…

Key to the appeal of version 6.4 are two main features – the all new RecoverAssist console and the dedicated support for iSCSI destinations. Together they open up some really interesting possibilities. We’ve been putting version 6.4 through its paces as you may have picked up from some of Neil’s recent blog posts, and as a result we’re all really pleased seeing the direction developer Cortex are headed.

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RecoverAssist (BackupAssist 6.4) – beta testers needed!

You may have picked up on the grapevine (or the phone when talking to us!), that there’s an exciting new version of BackupAssist in the offing.

Well, I can confirm the rumours, version 6.4 is due to include both advanced iSCSI support and RecoverAssist, which will make life considerably easier for those of you performing image backups and bare metal restores on 2008/R2/SBS/Hyper-V/Win7/Vista.

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The benefits of using iSCSI for BackupAssist image backups

I often get asked about the best way to create off-site image backups.

One logical approach is to use a windows network share for the destination, however because the destination is not accessible at the disk sector level, the incremental imaging feature can’t be used. A full image backup must be taken each time the job runs which can take significantly more time as well as requiring a larger amount of storage if you wish to keep multiple images.

For this reason, we often recommend that customers stick to local destinations for image backups with history, and plug in either a local dedicated USB hard drive or a pool of USB drives. This approach works very well and allows for multiple images a day, typically taking less than an hour to run on an average SBS server.

However the disadvantages of relying on local backups are clear in that they’re still susceptible to loss, theft and damage. An often overlooked solution for image backups that combines the best features from both of these methods is iSCSI.

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BackupAssist 6.2.5 released – Are you encrypting your backups yet?

BackupAssist box shotThe latest version of BackupAssist 6.2.5 was released today so be sure to to download and upgrade your copy. For a full list of fixes and changes please consult the release notes.

This version consists mainly of a long list of fixes and minor improvements, one of which being that there’s now support for system state backups when using the TrueCrypt encryption option.

If you haven’t yet tried it, we would highly recommend the TrueCrypt integration within BackupAssist for securing your offsite backups when using any file replication jobs. Added to version 6 of BackupAssist free of charge, it’s very simple to configure and with it you’ll benefit from industry standard AES 256-bit encryption in what is essentially real time.

To find out more on configuring BackupAssist with TrueCrypt please have a look at our knowledgebase article:- HOWTO: Encrypt File Replication jobs in BackupAssist using TrueCrypt

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