MDaemon 12.5.4 released – New BES installer, remote wipe for iPhone/ Android users and more….

header-logo.pngWe’ve just made version 12.5.4 of MDaemon email server live on the site so as always, here’s a quick summary of the most notable points and a link to the release notes at the bottom containing all the details.

>> Download MDaemon v12.5.4 <<

Single MDaemon installer and new process for installing the Blackberry Enterprise Server component

A significant change in this version is the way MDaemon’s packaged. Instead of having two completely independent versions (one with, and one without the BlackBerry Enterprise Server components), there’s now just a single installer for MDaemon Pro of around 70MB.

During the installation process you’ll now be asked if the BES features are required and choosing this option will direct you to download a separate BES installer file from ALT-N. Alternatively if you’d like to add the BES features at a later date you’ll find an option to install it within the setup menu under ‘BlackBerry device management’.

New ActiveSync services – Remote wipe and “push” email and more

Concerned about carrying around sensitive company data on your iPhone or Android device? Worried it could be compromised if your phone’s lost or is stolen? MDaemon now provides you with the ability to select to wipe any previously syncronised data on mobile devices on a per device basis using ActiveSync. Simply navigate to the new setting under any user’s account settings called ‘Mobile details’ where you can choose the appropriate device from a pull-down list and issue a wipe command to it.

EDIT: We’ve since added a knowledgebase article on performing a remote wipe here.

Also new is the “Ping” feature which essentially enables true “push” email to your iPhone or Android device. We’ll cover this in a more detailed blog post very shortly but in short, unless its important you’re notified instantly when a mail arrives, we’re actually tending to recommend that you stick with IMAP mail collection, primarily because it’s quite a bit lighter on your battery. ActiveSync does still work beautifully for calendar and contact synchronisation however.

EDIT: That more detailed post I mentioned would be coming is now available here.

And last on the list of new features to note is the ability for devices using ActiveSync to search the public contacts folder.

I hope you found the summary useful, for a full list of changes you can take a look at the release notes for MDaemon 12.5.4 located here.

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