MDaemon Email Server v21.0 now available

Upgrading to this version of MDaemon requires your licence to have upgrade cover that extends until at least 9th February 2021.

Check your existing key’s expiry date and version support.

If your licence’s upgrade cover expired prior to the date above, you will need to renew your upgrade cover using the link above before upgrading.

To upgrade, simply download the latest version and install over the top of your current installation.

What’s new in this version

Virus/Spam Misclassification Reporting for Improved Filtering Accuracy

A right-click popup menu option was added to the Quarantine, Bad Queue, and Spam Trap queue screens in the MDaemon console and Remote Administration to report improperly classified spam or non-spam messages to as false negatives or false positives. The messages will be analyzed and passed along to third-party vendors for corrective action.

New Graphical User Interface for the ActiveSync Migration Client

The ActiveSync Migration Client has been updated with a graphical user interface for simplified migration from other
mail servers that support ActiveSync.

MDaemon Instant Messenger – Persistent Chat Rooms

MDaemon Instant Messenger now supports persistent chat rooms, which do not need to be recreated every time all users leave the room.

Instant Messenger & Other Improvements in MDaemon Webmail Mobile Theme

The MDaemon Webmail Mobile Theme includes a variety of new features, including the MDaemon Instant Messenger client, auto-complete, saved search folders, Dropbox integration features, message threading, scheduling assistant, and much more. For a complete list, please see the MDaemon release notes.

Other MDaemon Webmail Improvements

Users can now attach an event to a new email via the right-click menu in the LookOut and WorldClient themes, and from the event preview in the Mobile theme.

The Advanced Search feature now includes the ability to search within the CC field.

Clustering Improvements with Multi-Node Mail Routing

MDaemon’s clustering service now includes multi-node mail routing, where mail queues are shared between the cluster nodes. Having multiple servers process and deliver the messages allows them to split the work more evenly and prevents messages from being stuck in the queues of any servers that are down. SSL certificates are replicated from the primary to secondary nodes.

Improved IMAP Filters

IMAP filtering rules can now search within the message body for particular text.

Remote Administration Styling Updates & Other Improvements

  • Styling updates have been added to the status page tables, disk usage statistics, traffic charts, graphs, and reports.
  • An “Explanation” column has been added to the Quarantine queue list to help administrators more easily identify why a message was placed in the quarantine.
  • The ability to manage the RAW queues has been added under Messages and Queues | RAW Queue.
  • Administrators can now use Remote Administration to access the Webmail Custom Links manager via Main | Webmail Settings | Custom Links (for global administrators) and Main | Webmail Custom Links (for domain administrators). This allows administrators to add custom buttons to the MDaemon Webmail toolbar.
  • New “Release All” and “Requeue All” buttons have been added to the Queue managers at Messages and Queues | Deferred Queue, Holding Queue, Quarantine Queue, and Spamtrap Queue.
  • The VBR Certification Setup page has been added under Security | Sender Authentication | VBR Certification “Configure a domain for message certification”.

For a complete list of new features & updates, please see the MDaemon release notes.

Download a pdf summary of what’s new in this version

Free MDaemon Email Server Licences for VARs, ITSPs and MSPs

MDaemon NFRsStill voted the number one alternative to Microsoft Exchange, MDaemon is aimed at small business owners who want the extra privacy and control that an on-premise email service can offer.

It’s a great tool to have in your armoury as an IT Service Provider, Reseller or MSP and what’s more, as a partner programme member you’re entitled to a fully functional, free copy for your own use.

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Introducing PartnerPrizes – £8000 of Tech and Gadget Giveaways over 12 Weeks

MDaemon 15.5When vendors announce plans for all singing, all dancing, shiny new reseller incentives, there’s a good chance you’ll be thinking one or both of these things…

  • Why bother – one of the big companies will win
  • I bet this will be a headache to understand

You’d be right. They are common issues. However, we can assure you that neither apply to this one!

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MDaemon v13.6.1 now live – includes KitKat compatibility fix

Ok brace yourself for a long ol’ set of release notes! This minor MDaemon update really does highlight the many hours our friends at the Texas-based developer Alt-N Technologies are putting in to make MDaemon the best mail platform out there for small businesses.

This one is mainly ‘dotting the I’s’ as it were but there’s an awful lot of them! Also if you’ve picked up one of the newer Android devices recently, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that you can now connect it quite happily via ActiveSync thanks to the compatibility fix for KitKat.

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Apple iOS 7 brings ‘notes’ synchronisation to MDaemon

MDaemon provides support for all of the major mobile platforms via its integrated ActiveSync support, so it’s nice and straight-forward to connect your device, whatever it might be, and have your email, calendar, contacts and other important data available on the move.

Until the recent release of iOS 7, there’s never been the option available on the iPhone to synchronise notes, however we’re pleased to let you know that it’s here, and it couldn’t be much easier to enable!

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MDaemon 13.5 now available – Outlook 2013 support and lots more in the Exchange alternative for SMB’s!

Yes, the latest iteration of MDaemon Messaging Server is upon us! This most recent version of the popular Microsoft Exchange alternative for small businesses is only a point release – you could easily mistake it for a major update given the size of the release notes.

With a long list of features to highlight for both admins and end users I’ll waste no further time and get straight on with what I think you might find most interesting…

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BackupAssist and SecurityGateway maintenance releases now available

MDaemon maintenance releaseA couple of minor updates for you this morning – there are new versions available of both BackupAssist and SecurityGateway on our site now.

BackupAssist consists of fixes only while the SecurityGateway release sees a new licencing authentication system implemented and the withdrawal of support for Windows XP (versions prior to SP2 ) and Server 2003 (versions prior to SP1).

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