Introducing PartnerPrizes – £8000 of Tech and Gadget Giveaways over 12 Weeks

MDaemon 15.5When vendors announce plans for all singing, all dancing, shiny new reseller incentives, there’s a good chance you’ll be thinking one or both of these things…

  • Why bother – one of the big companies will win
  • I bet this will be a headache to understand

You’d be right. They are common issues. However, we can assure you that neither apply to this one!

Keeping it Simple

This is a weekly prize draw, running for 12 weeks (7/3/16 to 29/5/16). Every Monday we’ll announce the winner of a highly desirable item of tech gadgetry.

Qualifying Criteria








You are automatically entered and will receive one entry for the draw in that week, every time you spend £100 on either:

  • A NEW licence or ADD-ON in our portfolio
  • Renewal of an OLD expired licence (3 months+)

Extra Help








To help you along, we’re doing two things to help sweeten the deal:

  1. Boosting everyone to the max 30% reseller discount on NEW licences
  2. Providing a whole range of customisable, white label marketing materials to help with customer communications.

So that’s it!

A Level Playing Field

To ensure no single company can dominate proceedings, the incentive is split into 12 independent prize draws. In addition, each one is being drawn at random.

Rounding up spend








So if you participate at all, you’ll have multiple genuine opportunities to win some great prizes, regardless of your company size or prior sales history.

Getting Started

Entry to the incentive is automatic but we highly recommend you update your name and email address via our incentive landing page so we can keep you informed about your progress and more competition details.

From there, all you have to do is spend over £100 on new licences (or add-ons), or renew an expired licence to earn an entry that week.

The Prizes

There are six different highly desirable tech prizes available to win throughout the course of the 12-week incentive. Each will be available to win twice so if you’ve spotted one your office simply can’t live without, you’ll have more than one opportunity to ‘bag it’.

For specific details on each prize, see The Official Prize Guide, but in summary, the six prizes are as follows:-

PartnerPrizes Prize Guide


Prize giveaway schedule (full guide here)

Competition week Prize
07-Mar DJI Phantom v3 Advanced
14-Mar Samsung LED 4K 48” Smart TV
21-Mar Sonos 5 + Sonos 1 Bundle
28-Mar 12.9″ iPad Pro 32GB
04-Apr Super High End Coffee Machine
11-Apr Xbox One Mega Bundle
18-Apr DJI Phantom v3 Advanced
25-Apr Samsung LED 4K 48” Smart TV
02-May Sonos 5 + Sonos 1 Bundle
09-May 12.9″  iPad Pro 32GB
16-May Super High End Coffee Machine
23-May Xbox One Mega Bundle


How Tickets are Earned

Below are just a few example scenarios of how we’re awarding draw tickets, basically just to illustrate the fact we’re rounding up your week’s spend to the nearest £100.

For simplicity, these are based on the maximum 30% reseller discount.

Item Cost to reseller Tickets earned
New BackupAssist licence (1yr cover + Exchange) £203.70 3
New Exchange, SQL or Rsync Add-on £52.50 1
Expired BackupAssist licence renewal £66.50 1
New MailStore email archiver licence (25 users) £358.20 4
New MailStore email archiver licence (75 users) £992.25 10
Expired MailStore licence renewal (25 users) £250.76 3
New MDaemon licence (10 users + all add-ons) £491.40 5
Expired MDaemon licence renewal (25 users) £81.20 1
New SecurityGateway licence (25 users) £163.10 2


Note – Prices are based on 30% reseller discount, are excluding VAT and were correct as of 30/03/16


The ‘Marketing Care Package’ (link)

The materials you’ll find in the care package have been created specifically for this incentive and may not be what you’d expect from a distributor/ vendor.

Marketing that’s about you, not us!

Wherever possible, materials are generic, so while they sell the benefits of our solutions because that’s what you can offer as a reseller, they’re about generating interest in your company and not ours (directly at least).

What does it contain?

Materials available to you initially include:

  • Single page PDF ‘cheat sheets’ (white-labelled)
  • Animated explainer videos (white-labelled)
  • Standard website content
  • Graphical email footers

Request custom content

Let us know which materials you’d like customising with your logo and contacts.via this simple Google Form.


The PartnerPrizes Widget

PartnerPrizes Live TrackerThis is your ‘go-to’ place for incentive related information. Look out for the widget in your partner portal

Look out for the widget in your partner portal account summary page where you’ll find real-time updates on:

  • How many entries you’ve earned
  • Your odds of winning at that time
  • Current and future prizes










How Can I Earn More Tickets?

With only a small amount of effort, you can significantly improve your chances of winning big. It’s really the action you take that will have the most impact.

‘Quick Wins’ The Easy Stuff

Check for expired licences  

Log in to your account and check your customers aren’t using expired keys. Encourage them to upgrade to the latest version and reinstate support. No brainer!


Introduce products in conversations  

Existing conversations are the perfect time for sharing information – whether via phone or email. Introduce relevant benefits and use our marketing materials to follow-up with waffle-free information.


Cross sell  

Perhaps you only sell one product at the moment? Maybe you could call your satisfied customers and introduce another? Our ‘cheat sheets’ may help get you up to speed with those quickly.


Upload and share our sales videos  

We’ve made a number of explainer videos for that we’ll customise with your details so you’d be crazy not to tap us up for one or more of those as they’re prime for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIN and so on (don’t forget a clear CTA!).


Embed in your sites, share in your emails, and post across social media for free exposure.


Update your website


Use the standard generic content in our marketing ‘care package’ to update your web site content. Ensure our ‘cheat sheets’ are available for download.


Add an email footer  

Write your own or use one of our graphic email footers in your signature line.



Get social!


Give your video or web content a regular mention on your social channels! Use @zensoftware for a re-tweet!

Activity that requires a little more effort


Personal email to all customers x 2  

Send a quick personal email about a relevant product to your existing customers with one of our ‘cheat sheets’ offering a free trial on the following (relevant) products for the incentive duration. Attach PDF cheat sheets (MailChimp templates will be hopefully be made available too).


Think about a short follow-up email one week later.


Telephone campaign to existing customers  

It’s always good to talk – call your existing customers, remind them about your services and let them know about one of our products, perhaps offer a free trial or 10% discount? Follow-up the conversation with a PDF via email and an email a week later.


Postal, email or telephone campaign to new customers


We’ve had success with a combination of postal, email and telephone follow-ups to new contacts.


We can help with sourcing data, with content creation and also print and postage contacts.


It’s not an exhaustive guide but you might find this article on our blog from the IT Marketing Agency gets you thinking along the right lines.




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