Product Webinars – New Dates Announced

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Join us on one of our product webinars – new dates announced for February, March & April 2021.

These webinars are free of charge and provide a relaxed and informal opportunity for you to gain a quick overview of each of our products and to have your questions answered by our specialist support team. Each session will run remotely in Microsoft Teams, they’ll be focused on one particular product and last between 30 to 60 minutes.

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MailStore Email Archive Server v13 now available

Upgrading to this version of MailStore requires your licence to have upgrade cover that extends until at least the release date of the latest point release available.

Check your existing key’s expiry date and version support.

If your licence’s upgrade cover doesn’t cover you for the latest version, you will need to renew your upgrade cover using the link above before upgrading.

To upgrade, simply download the latest version and install over the top of your current installation.

What’s new in this version

For the Admin

OAuth2 & OpenID Connect: This feature offers much better integration of MailStore in the cloud environments of Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. This improves the usability of MailStore in combination with these cloud services and increases security. The admin now benefits from a uniform login policy by using the settings of their Microsoft 365 or Google G Suite tenant also for MailStore Server, including multi-factor authentication for example, without having to enable legacy authentication or less secure application access. The new two-step login process follows the login flow of modern web applications and MailStore does not need to handle passwords of remote users for authentication anymore. (MailStore Server & SPE)

Dedicated Microsoft 365 profiles: With these new archiving and export profiles, admins benefit from a simplified profile configuration as well as from enhanced security and better Microsoft 365 integration through the support of modern OAuth2 authentication. (MailStore Server & SPE)

Improved management of network share settings: Admins benefit from a more comfortable and secure way to manage network share settings from within the MailStore Server Service Configuration tool, e.g. when using a NAS. (MailStore Server)

Group Policies: Since Group Policy templates are now bundled with MailStore Server and the SPE respectively, it is easier than ever before to configure Group Policies. In addition, they are now available in all languages which are supported by MailStore. (MailStore Server & SPE)

Removal of unencrypted connections: This release fully removes the support for establishing unencrypted connections to MailStore Server which have been marked as deprecated and warned about since V12. Therefore, in addition to new installations for which this has already been the default, admins can now be sure that also existing MailStore Server installations only accept encrypted connections to the archive which can be especially useful to admins that manage multiple installations (e.g. VARs).
(MailStore Server)

Unified handling of certificates: Certificate handling has been closer aligned to that of major web browsers, making it easier for admins to design and implement unified security and certificate policies that also affects all MailStore clients, i.e. MailStore Client, Outlook Add-in and Web Access. (MailStore Server & SPE)

Let’s Encrypt: To avoid port collisions (e.g. if MailStore Server runs along with other services on a computer or if there is a limited amount of external IP addresses), admins are now able to specify a port on which MailStore Server should listen for Let’s Encrypt validation requests. This makes using Let’s Encrypt certificates much easier. (MailStore Server)

MailStore Gateway: Now, administrators can immediately see how many messages exist in a MailStore Gateway mailbox. Moreover, non-empty mailboxes can be deleted with the new version. In addition, the port of the management web interface can be changed in case the default port is used by other applications or if the administrator wants to change it to the standard HTTPS port 443.

For the User

OpenID Connect: Users now get their familiar Microsoft 365 or Google G Suite login flow and can simply rely on their Microsoft 365 or Google G Suite credentials to log in to MailStore. By this, when accessing their archives, they can also benefit from the additional security features offered by these cloud services, for example, multi-factor authentication. (MailStore Server & SPE)

Removal of Mobile Web Access: Users who have previously used the Mobile Web Access benefit from a more modern and more secure responsive Web Access now. (MailStore Server & SPE)

Client-side improvements: Users benefit from several improvements in accessing and working with their archives. First of all, the loading time of the responsive Web Access has been significantly reduced. Various fixes as well as a major update of all web components have been applied for a much smoother browsing experience, especially on mobile devices. In addition, the responsive view on mobile devices is much better and offers more available reading space. Moreover, the new jump-to-folder feature makes it even easier to find emails which belong to the same project or public folder. The message list in the MailStore Client now also shows time information in addition to the date. (MailStore Server & SPE)

Removal of unencrypted connections: This release fully removes the support for establishing unencrypted connections to MailStore Server. Therefore, end users get fewer warnings when using any modern web browser to access the archive and also validate that their connection is safe through those browsers’ facilities (e.g. with the lock symbol in Chrome’s address bar) more easily. The latter is especially useful when using untrusted networks such as public WLANs. (MailStore Server)

Unified handling of certificates: Certificate handling has been closer aligned to that of major web browsers, making it easier for end-users to identify security policy violations across all MailStore clients, i.e. MailStore Client, Outlook Add-in and Web Access. (MailStore Server & SPE)

For a complete list of new features & updates, please see the MailStore release notes and update notices.

Competitive crossgrade – 50% off MailStore Server when you switch From alternatives such as Mimecast, Barracuda, Commvault, MailArchiva, Exclaimer and Enterprise Vault

MailStore competitive upgrade

If you’ve recently shelled out to renew an existing archiving solution, the chances are, you’re not going to be over the moon about paying again (regardless of how magnificent a product MailStore Server is!).

To help remove that pain, we’re prepared to heavily discount your new MailStore licence to account for the additional expenditure.

Simply send us proof that you’ve purchased a competing solution which meets the criteria below and we’ll slash the price of your new MailStore Server licence by a whopping 50 percent!

Requirements and terms:-

  • Eligible licences must be paid-for, email archiving solutions from another company;
  • Licenses for backup solutions or integrated archiving modules (for example, from email servers) do not qualify the license holder for a competitive upgrade;
  • With the competitive upgrade, the purchase of MailStore Server includes a maximum of one year of update and support services;
  • Additional years can be purchased as usual after the upgrade;
  • MailStore Server must be licensed for the same number of users as the original solution. However, you can purchase additional licenses at any time after the upgrade;
  • The maintenance contract for the original solution must have been in use for more than three months and cannot have expired more than six months ago;

What is MailStore?

MailStore is the email archiving software for Office 365 and Exchange, that enables you to automatically prune the mailbox sizes of your users, keep a perfect copy in the case of accidental deletion or malware attack, and it’s also great for compliance such a GDPR. Find out more about MailStore.

Next steps…

To be eligible for this offer you will need to provide a copy of your invoice for your current solution by sending it to us at Your invoice must clearly show that your organisation has purchased another commercially available server-based email archiving product and that you’ve used it for at least 3 months.

We must receive this and have confirmed your eligibility by providing you with a discount voucher PRIOR to you placing your order for MailStore – the discounted offer is not available in retrospect of you having placed an order.

We reserve the right to reject any requests to take advantage of this offer at our discretion.

If you’ve got any questions about the product or offer don’t hesitate to get in touch!

CompTIA EMEA Virtual Conference – 13th and 14th October 2020

The MailStore team will be at the CompTIA EMEA virtual conference next week in the ‘Solutions Showcase’.

As a member of Zen’s partner program, they’d very much like you to join them.

This is one of the rare occasions we would ever recommend an industry event to our partner community, however this really is a worthwhile investment of time for any IT provider or MSP looking to grow their business.

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MailStore Server: 50% off expired upgrades until 31 August 2020

Between 15 July 2020 and 31 August 2020  we will be offering a 50% discount on all upgrades to expired MailStore Server license keys.

If you are running an older version of MailStore Server and have let your licence key expire for whatever reason there has never been a better time to get it upgraded to the latest version and benefit from the latest features of the software.

Special Note for MailStore customers archiving Office 365 mailboxes

MailStore version 13 introduces support for Microsoft Modern Authentication methods. We strongly advise that all MailStore servers archiving Office 365 mailboxes switch to this method as Microsoft have announced they are planning to turn off support for Basic (Legacy) Authentication methods in the near future. This in effect will mean that only MailStore version 13 and higher will be able to archive office 365 mailboxes once this change has been implemented.

To renew your expired MailStore Licence simply head over to …

…and enter your current expired licence key.

The 50% expired key discount will be automatically applied once you add the item to the shopping basket.