Video: What are the benefits of email archiving and is it worth it?

We mentioned previously that as an MSP you should always be on the lookout for those services that can help you generate that all-important recurring revenue, and that cloud-based email archiving is one service that ticks that box.

As a MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) partner, it’s all too easy to share our thoughts and enthusiasm for the benefits email archiving offers. So we are handing you over to Jonathan Edwards of Integral IT.

In this video he shares more about the benefits of email archiving for businesses and asks, it is worth it?

In this video, Jonathan explores:-

  • What is email archiving?
  • How is it different to backup?
  • How it helps with compliance
  • How it helps with protecting against data loss
  • Support during legal proceedings
  • Productivity improvements
  • Checking in on your team
  • Avoiding lock in!


Jonathan explains: “When you use an Email archiving solution it means that every email is sent and received is archived in a separate location. If someone were to delete an email from the mailbox, the email would still exist in the archive. A good solution will also allow you to send and retrieve emails by using a simple search term”

He also shares how email archiving is different to a backup and why he advises you to have an email archiving solution as well as an email backup.

As Jonathan puts it, “you shouldn’t rely on an archive as a backup, just as you shouldn’t rely on your backup as an archive”.

Watch the full video for examples of email archiving benefits such as legal proceedings, data loss and productivity.

Want to learn more about MailStore?

If email archiving sounds like it would make a good addition to the services you can offer orĀ for advice around email storage, backup and archiving, feel free to drop us a line in the usual ways!

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