Zen Software Becomes Official Distributor for MailStore Service Provider Edition

As an MSP you should always be on the lookout for those services that can help you generate that all-important recurring revenue.

Not only that but ideally services that don’t require lots of your precious billable hours to manage and support.

Finally, you shouldn’t need to be Jordan Belfort to make sales – let’s be honest, for most MSPs that isn’t the favourite part of the job!

Cloud-based email archiving is one such service that ticks all those boxes, which is why we’re really thrilled to announce we’re now able to offer and support MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) as part of our MSP portfolio.

As of today, you can provision, manage and monitor your licence usage, right from within our partner portal AND you can enjoy our top-notch pre and post-sales support.

What is MailStore Service Provider Edition?

The MailStore SPE software enables you as an MSP to spin up a true hosted multi-tenant email archiving-as-a-service platform very quickly for customers using Microsoft 365, Gmail, IMAP and most providers.

If you have servers in a rack or data centre, and you’re already offering hosted services for customers, it’s an excellent fit.

The only cost to try is the small amount of time required for setup.

Request pricing here.

But I’m already backing up customer mailboxes?

That’s great, Microsoft is clear they do not take responsibility for backing up the mailboxes of your clients so you absolutely should be.

Email archiving should be viewed as an upsell or ‘enhanced’ backup.

Traditional backup is typically limited in the following ways:

  • Leaves a window of time where users can delete messages without a trace
  • Requires users to raise a support ticket when they can’t find an email
  • Doesn’t do anything to help with overloaded mailboxes

I’d rather just resell a third-party offering – why self-host?

That’s fine and self-hosted isn’t the right fit for everyone.

For example, reselling a third-party solution is probably the right decision if you’re a one-man-band or ‘nimble’ MSP where this would be your first foray into the world of hosted services.

However, if you already have hosted servers, self-host should absolutely be considered as an option.

The three main benefits of self-hosting:

  • Better margins – you should expect a much better return on investment by offering a premium service and leveraging the cost-saving of your own platform.
  • Total control – your customers don’t want to hear ‘X provider is down, erm sorry about that!’, they want you to know what’s going on, and let them know how long it’ll take to put right.
  • Better customer experience – MailStore SPE is different to most cloud solutions in that it lets you provision a dedicated ‘instance’ for each company so you can tailor every aspect of the solution to their requirements.

Email archiving is the perfect way to bolster your backup offering for any of your clients that rely on email.

Arrange a chat with us about MailStore SPE here.

100% MSP-friendly licencing model

We’re big on products where there’s nothing to lose to give it a go and test demand.

With that in mind, there’s a free 30-day trial period which we can extend upon request and no penalty if you decide it’s not for you after going live.

Licencing model at-a-glance

  • Monthly rolling contract – no long-term commitment
  • Monthly usage-based billing
  • Free 25 user not-for-resale instance
  • Free 30-day trial for you as the MSP and each of your customers
  • Direct debit payments

Request the pricing guide here.

Free marketing mega bundle toolkit for MSPs

To get customers on your platform you need to let them know this is something you offer.

That’s sometimes a hassle if you’ve got your head in the day job so we’ve created an amazing bundle of marketing resources that’s exclusive to service providers we’re working with directly.

Inside our partner portal you will find:

  • Social graphics
  • Email templates x 5
  • Email footers x 5
  • Letter template
  • Postcard template
  • And growing…

Interested in learning more?

If MailStore SPE sounds like it would make a good addition to the services you can offer, this is how you can find out more.

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