Limited Offer: 50% Off Expired MailStore Renewals Until 15th December

Great news on the way if you own a MailStore Server licence you’ve let expire…

Starting today, and through to Midnight on the 15th December, we’re offering a 50% discount on the renewal of any expired MailStore Server licence key!

Perhaps a licence has expired as a result of difficult times financially?

Maybe it’s simply been forgotten about during a rush to make the move to a work-from-home setup?

This is an opportunity not to be missed to get a major saving on bringing an existing licence back up to date and continuing to benefit from the security, productivity and efficiency gains MailStore has to offer.

Moved to Microsoft 365 and left MailStore behind?

Microsoft is clear they do not take responsibility for backing up mailboxes.

That’s something all businesses now need to take ownership of.

Mailbox backup really is a minimum requirement to ensure data is protected but it’s limited. Email archiving is the perfect upgrade for any company that considers email a critical business function.

Why isn’t traditional backup enough?

  • Leaves a window of time where users can delete messages without a trace
  • Backups aren’t self-service for users – and an administrator is required for access to historic files
  • It doesn’t do anything at all to help with overloaded mailboxes

MailStore solves all of these challenges.

For info on how read 6 reasons for independent archiving when using Microsoft 365 (PDF)

Just saving a few quid?

With so many businesses experiencing tough times financially over the past couple of years, it’s no wonder some items lumped into the non-essential category may have been cut to make certain ends will meet.

This may well have included software maintenance and support cover.

An understandable move at the time, but there are a number of reasons that’s not an ideal long term approach…

  • Security – Out of date versions inherently represent a security risk
  • Compatibility – Legacy versions may not function correctly as M365 updates are rolled out for example
  • Growth – To add more users up to date cover is required
  • Cost-saving – Renewing an expired key is A LOT more expensive (it jumps from 25% of the new price to 70%)
  • Support – Only up to date licences are eligible for technical support
  • Features – You’re not benefitting from the latest functionality and performance enhancements

Should you renew? A rule of thumb.

If you’re unsure whether maintenance is worthwhile, a good rule of thumb is to think about the implications of that software either being compromised or not available at all.

If it’s important to your business, even if you’re not fussed about necessarily having the shiny new headline features, you really should be keeping it up to date.

How renewals normally work

With MailStore, if you get in there and renew before it expires, they ask you for roughly 25% of the new price to stay on the latest and greatest version and to have access to technical support if you need it.

Compare that with cloud-based alternatives where the figure is the same month on month, it’s very competitive indeed. Particularly as you’ve already spent the initial upfront cost.

The only slight snag here is that if you miss that and go beyond the expiry for whatever reason, the cost of renewing rises to 70% of the new price.

There is a small grace period, but after that, as you can imagine, on some larger licences it can work out quite expensive to get back on track.

Are you getting the most from MailStore?

If you’re not totally sure if your MailStore is set up correctly, or just need a refresher on how best to use it don’t hesitate to get in touch with either us or your MailStore reseller as we’re more than happy to help.

How to check pricing

There are two ways you can check renewal pricing…

1) Don’t have the key to hand?

Go to your ‘Registration keys’ page (login required) where you’ll see details of expired keys.

2) Got the key available?

Head over to the ‘Upgrade checker’ page on our website where it’ll show you pricing information based on your key status.

Please note, discounts will only be shown when you add an item to the basket and not won’t be displayed outside of the promotional period.

Your order needs to be placed before midnight on 15th December, don’t miss out!

(reseller discounts rates remain the same)

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