BackupAssist Hyper-V backup product review on SearchServerVirtualisation (TechTarget)

SearchServerVirtualisation screenshotBackupAssist’s Hyper-V product has been featured in a recent review on the virtualisation pages of the TechTarget group Web site.

Acknowledged as one of the smaller players in the Hyper-V backup market, BackupAssist with it’s Hyper-V Granular Restore Console received praise as a product that –

“offers great value for small and medium-sized businesses” 

…and is “a good place to start if you’re an SMB”.

The review was carried out as part of a Hyper-V backup product group test by David Davis, a virtualisation expert who also offers training to IT professionals via

Read the review here:-

More information on BackupAssist and the Hyper-V granular restore console:-

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