Rsync stopped working with Synology NAS update

We have recently encountered a few customers who are seeing BackupAssist Rsync jobs connecting to a Synology NAS failing due to authentication issues that have previously working without issue. This appears to have coincided with a recent Synology NAS firmware update.

The issue appears to be related to the Synology no longer having a password set for the ‘root’ users account.

Since the update, Synology have locked the use of the root user account (in actual fact they have locked it out using a “*” as a password hash).

Here is how to re-enable the root access for ssh access (Rsync over SSH):

1. Login using Putty or any other SSH client with administrator account (usually “admin”)
2. You will be asked for a password. Enter the one for the Synology administrator account you use to access the NAS via the web interface.
3. You should get a command prompt.
4. Enter: sudo su –
5. You will be then asked for a password. Enter again the one for the administrator account.
6. You will get a command prompt root@…
7. Enter command: synouser –setpw root your_new_root_password
8. Rerun the backup job to check its working ( you may need to re-register the connection first in the Destination tab of the job).

Support queries shared: Rsync backups to QNAP failing

If you’re not already familiar with Rsync, it’s the method (or ‘protocol’ to be posh about it) that BackupAssist uses to send data off-site to locations such as NAS boxes or to other servers.

QNAP make a NAS device that’s popular with our customers and this week I came across an issue with backing up via Rsync to it that I’ve seen before…

…cue helpful (hopefully) blog post!

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BackupAssist – Minor update (v7.0.2) – Includes reseller logo customisation

BackupAssist Maintenance Release

A new update for BackupAssist has just been made available by the Australian development team and is now available to download from our Web site.

As you can see from the release notes this update consists primarily of fixes although if you’re a reseller you might be interested to learn that it’s now possible to add your own logo in to the interface and splash screen of BackupAssist.

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Updated BackupAssist and Rsync – “How-to” videos

Rsync videosYou may recall towards the tail end of last year I posted about BackupAssist developer Cortex’s excellent series of six Rsync videos.

I know the ability to off-site your data using BackupAssist is a popular feature so I wanted to let you know that Cortex have updated the series in line with the new version 7 release and I’ve also updated my original post.

If you use BackupAssist with Rsync jobs I highly recommend you follow the guide lines in these videos to keep up with best practices.

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BackupAssist and SecurityGateway maintenance releases now available

MDaemon maintenance releaseA couple of minor updates for you this morning – there are new versions available of both BackupAssist and SecurityGateway on our site now.

BackupAssist consists of fixes only while the SecurityGateway release sees a new licencing authentication system implemented and the withdrawal of support for Windows XP (versions prior to SP2 ) and Server 2003 (versions prior to SP1).

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YouTube video: What’s new in BackupAssist version 7?

Neil’s been running some 30 minute preview webinars of version 7 over the past few weeks and has made a recording of one of them available via our Youtube channel.

In this video he steps through all of the major features, including the new management and monitoring interface, job creation screens and the “OntheGo” Web application.

Take a few minutes to sit back and be briefed on exactly why this is the best version of BackupAssist yet!