Support queries shared: Rsync backups to QNAP failing

If you’re not already familiar with Rsync, it’s the method (or ‘protocol’ to be posh about it) that BackupAssist uses to send data off-site to locations such as NAS boxes or to other servers.

QNAP make a NAS device that’s popular with our customers and this week I came across an issue with backing up via Rsync to it that I’ve seen before…

…cue helpful (hopefully) blog post!

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BackupAssist – Minor update now live (v7.2.1)

BackupAssist Maintenance Release

BackupAssist have made a minor update of their fantastic backup software live today and as always, it’s available on our Web site for download.

This release consists mostly of minor fixes and there’s couple of small feature updates in there for good measure too.

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BackupAssist and Outlook Connector maintenance releases now available

MDaemon maintenance releaseA couple of minor updates for you this morning – there are new versions available of both BackupAssist and Outlook Connector on our site now.

BackupAssist consists of two small fixes only while the Outlook Connector release sees new official support for Outlook 2013 clients.

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CWRsync user authentication errors when installed on Windows 7

Just a short and simple support issue this time, but one that we have seen a couple of times now so I thought it was worth sharing.

If you are planning on using the opensource Windows Rsync serverCWRsync‘ on a Windows 7 machine you may want to follow this guide before configuring any user accounts.

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BackupAssist – Minor update (v7.0.2) – Includes reseller logo customisation

BackupAssist Maintenance Release

A new update for BackupAssist has just been made available by the Australian development team and is now available to download from our Web site.

As you can see from the release notes this update consists primarily of fixes although if you’re a reseller you might be interested to learn that it’s now possible to add your own logo in to the interface and splash screen of BackupAssist.

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Support Query Shared: BackupAssist ‘STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION’ errors in Rsync Jobs

This may be quite a unique error but never the less I thought it was worth sharing in case someone else sees it, so if you have found this article as a result of a Google search then please leave a comment below if it helped you out.

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Updated BackupAssist and Rsync – “How-to” videos

Rsync videosYou may recall towards the tail end of last year I posted about BackupAssist developer Cortex’s excellent series of six Rsync videos.

I know the ability to off-site your data using BackupAssist is a popular feature so I wanted to let you know that Cortex have updated the series in line with the new version 7 release and I’ve also updated my original post.

If you use BackupAssist with Rsync jobs I highly recommend you follow the guide lines in these videos to keep up with best practices.

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