BackupAssist – Minor update (v7.0.2) – Includes reseller logo customisation

BackupAssist Maintenance Release

A new update for BackupAssist has just been made available by the Australian development team and is now available to download from our Web site.

As you can see from the release notes this update consists primarily of fixes although if you’re a reseller you might be interested to learn that it’s now possible to add your own logo in to the interface and splash screen of BackupAssist.

Our support team have put together an article detailing the steps needed to unlock this branding goodness:-

To update your installation, simple download the latest executable from our site here and over-install, a re-boot is always advisable.

2 thoughts on “BackupAssist – Minor update (v7.0.2) – Includes reseller logo customisation

    • Morning Paul – yes we normally recommend you plan for a reboot to be on the safe side although it’s not always the case.

      Things like whether you’ve got the latest .NET version installed can influence whether it’s strictly needed but better to factor it in really just in case.



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