Recently we've seen a significant increase in the number of MDaemon servers we come across being used to send spam email, and we're finding that it's often via an authenticated SMTP session.

WarePortal has benefited from the deployment of BlackBerry smartphones integrated with the MDaemon Messaging Server. For example, the previous solution used by WarePortal provided separate solutions for email, content filtering,...

HSH Coldstores operates in a fast-moving business sector.Customers expect HSH Coldstores to be highly responsive to their request. As a result, the company had for many years been using an...

I often get asked about the best way to create off-site image backups. One logical approach is to use a windows network share for the destination, however because the destination is not accessible at the disk sector level, the incremental imaging feature can't be used. A full image backup must be taken each time the job runs which can take significantly more time as well as requiring a larger amount of storage if you wish to keep multiple images. For this reason, we often recommend that customers stick to local destinations for image backups with history, and plug in either a local dedicated USB hard drive or a pool of USB drives. This approach works very well and allows for multiple images a day, typically taking less than an hour to run on an average SBS server. However the disadvantages of relying on local backups are clear in that they're still susceptible to loss, theft and damage. An often overlooked solution for image backups that combines the best features from both of these methods is iSCSI.

STG.jpg STG is one of those tools that only performs the one job, but performs it very well indeed. Simply put, STG is a real-time graphing utility for monitoring any device that supports SNMPv1 and v2 ( Simple Network Managment Protocol).

MailStore Home EditionMailStore "Home" has been gaining some real momentum globally as a great little solution for single users who want to archive their mail securely. Following more than 1,500,000 free downloads of MailStore Home to date, German developer deepInvent have responded to consumer feedback and introduced a range of new and sought-after features to MailStore Home 5 which went live today on their site. >>> Downloaded MailStore Home version 5.0 here <<< (please note that Zen Software are unable to offer support on MailStore Home at this time)
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