Reseller interview: Medhurst IT on becoming MailStore certified (MCAS)

One of the benefits we offer to registered resellers of our email archiving software, MailStore, is a free online product certification course followed by an official accreditation for those that complete it successfully.

The idea of the course is to improve confidence in selling and supporting the software, and benefits include an increased level of discount for a period and official logo for use on the site.

Medhurst IT are one such company who decided to put a number of their staff forward and our colleagues over at German developer MailStore took a few moments to ask them about their experiences.

Medhurst IT – Company Profile

Medhurst provides a wide variety of IT solutions tailored to small and medium sized business needs. We are infrastructure specialists and our products include hardware and software, virtualization, support, internet and cloud services, networking and security, mobile and VOIP phone solutions. We were founded in 2005 and there are 8 staff members in our Frodsham office.

How long have you been using MailStore Server?

Around 2 years now.

How did you learn about MCAS training and certification?

We initially took the qualification provided by Zen software who we buy MailStore from. They called up and told us that the qualification was now more official and offered by MailStore themselves.

Why did you carry out certification?

Mainly so that we can use the logo for publicity to help with sales but also simply down to personal pride.

How many of your employees are MailStore Certified Archiving Specialists?

Currently three

Did you use the MailStore study guide? If so, was it helpful?

All of us did use to the study guide to refresh any holes in our knowledge of the product. Pretty much all of our installations are Exchange server based so the use of a proxy is not something we come across too often. The guide is really useful to refer to on an ongoing basis.

To what extent has your technical background knowledge of MailStore improved after becoming certified?

We’ve all learned several new things, in some cases from each other, and in other cases from the study guide material. It has been a useful learning experience.

Our thanks to Medhurst for helping us out with that feature – if you provide outsourced IT support an would like to know more about any of the benefits associated with the MailStore reseller program, please feel free to get in touch or visit our web site.

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