We Need You! Join the BackupAssist v9 Beta Test Program

BackupAssist beta testingOur Australian friends over at BackupAssist have been working hard to make sure v9 is the best release yet. They could however, really do with your help in testing the Beta version (released this morning) to make sure it’s as good as it possible can be come the final release.

As the distributor we like to provide as much feedback as we can, but we also rely on the fantastic response we always receive from customers and partners to help make sure we’ve got the broadest testing base.

Please note –  As a beta product, we do not recommend using this version of BackupAssist v9 on live or production machines.

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BackupAssist MultiSite Manager Beta – Testers wanted!

BackupAssist BetaBackupAssist’s new product BackupAssist MultiSite Manager is now available for download as a beta, and the Australian developers could really do with your help to test it!

The MultiSite Manager introduces a suite of new, powerful and advanced features to simplify the remote management of your BackupAssist installations.

More information and the beta sign-up link available below:-


Also discussed on Zen Partner Talk forum here:-


BackupAssist v7.0 launch date

We’re aware that many of you are patiently awaiting the release of BackupAssist v7.0, so you’ll be pleased to know we have a date! Yes, we expect the latest iteration of your favourite backup software to be live and available for download on Monday the 25th February.

Renew your beta keys

If you’re running the latest BackupAssist v7.0.0b3 beta, you may have noticed it’ll expire on the 18th of February. Please note that to continue to use the beta version you’ll need to download the latest version 7.0.0b3u1. Without it, any jobs you’ve configured will stop running on the 19th of February, however no configuration will be lost and you can still upgrade afterwards if needed.

Watch this space for additional updates!

BackupAssist v7 beta: Preview 1 – New interface

http://www.zensoftware.co.uk/blogresources/2012/11/ba7Beta_box.pngOne of the most noticeable changes in version 7 of BackupAssist is how it looks and feels, so I thought I’d use this first of two preview posts to take an early look at the new interface in a little more detail.

Earlier iterations of BackupAssist have often been praised for their simple interface layout and ease of use, so when I first heard that the developers were looking to improve on this for version 7, I’ll admit to being a little apprehensive!

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Have any thoughts on the MDaemon roadmap? Visit the “Idea Engine”

Alt-N idea enginesThose of you already familiar with MDaemon and Texas-based developer Alt-N Technologies, will know that feedback from customers has always played a pivotal role in the way their products evolve.

The MDaemon beta community has been fundamental to this process but as we look towards the future and the imminent release of version 13, they’re opening this up and making it simple for anyone to contribute ideas and suggestions via their Idea Engine.

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MDaemon 13 beta preview: Part 5 – WorldClient document sharing/ attachment drag and drop

In this next MDaemon 13 Beta post I want to look at one completely new feature and another that’s more of an enhancement to an existing feature.

Lets start with the new feature…

Document sharing

If you’re a WorldClient user who often sends out the same set of files, product brochures and price lists for example – keeping a local copy on every PC you use can be a chore.

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MDaemon v13 available 5th September 2012

The newest version of MDaemon will be available for download on Wednesday, September 5th.

The new release sees a number of new features to help IT administrators and end users alike, such as:

  • Message ticketing support
  • Consolidated Mobile Device Management (MDM) interface and ActiveSync policies
  • Hijacked account detection
  • Document sharing, drag & drop attachments and custom logos in WorldClient
  • Traffic compression to improve Outlook Connector performance

View the PDF briefing document here for more information.

As soon as it’s available you’ll be able to download the latest version of the installer from our web site here.

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MailStore 7 Beta now available

MailStore Beta

Over the past 12 months we’ve been actively involved in passing feature requests back to MailStore on behalf of our customers, and its great to see how many of these have made it to this early preview of version 7.

There are two features that really stand out for me. The first is the new archive store concept, which amongst other things will enable the reorganising of archive folders between users. Second is the speed improvements that have come from multi-threading, and the different back end database store options for Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL which provide more options to help those larger site installations.

For a full list of the new features Version 7 brings along with a link to the Beta download simply follow this link.