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Backing up to Wasabi S3 compatible cloud storage using BackupAssist

The BackupAssist Classic cloud backup addon historically supported 3 different backup destination types – Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and WebDAV. This would give users the option to perform file and application backups to remote cloud based destinations by simply configuring a compatible backup container. Technically this works well but can be a bit overwhelming for customer who don’t already have either a Microsoft Azure account or Amazon AWS Account and are happy to ignore 99.9% of the features those accounts provide and focus on just the creation of backup storage. WebDAV is more used for remote NAS support so is only an option for customers with suitable hardware.

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Four newly discovered zero-day vulnerabilities for Microsoft Exchange Servers

Microsoft have announced that in the last few days four separate vulnerabilities in the Exchange Server platform have been identified. Unfortunately, it would seem these have already been used by hackers to steal the mailbox content of many thousands of Exchange Server installations.

The detail in these vulnerabilities indicates that only the on-premise versions of Exchange Server are affected, so users of Cloud based Microsoft 365 products can breathe a sigh of relief. However, as on-premise Exchange Server is still a widely used platform the impact is considerable.

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Was your email falsely being detected as spam over the weekend?

We have received several reports over the weekend that customers email has been flagged as spam by some receiving mail servers.

Bounce backs included errors such as:

<– 554 The IP Address of the sender ( was found in a DNS blacklist database and was therefore refused.

<– 550 Email blocked by (in reply to RCPT TO command)

On closer investigation it appears there was a system outage at the Cisco SpamCop DNS-based blocking service and the underlying cause was that the domain name had failed to be renewed.

More information on this issue can be found at the following link:

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