BackupAssist Classic V12.0.6 released

BackupAssist Classic Version 12.0.6 has been released and adds multiple new features and fixes to many of the backup engines and restore capabilities of BackupAssist. please see below for a full list of changes in this release.

Download Version 12.0.6 here

New System Protection

  • NEW: Added dedicated iSCSI backup destination
  • NEW: Add support for Bare Metal Recovery from systems with FAT32 partitions created by Linux tool mkfs.fat
  • Fix the display of backup progress for hidden volumes
  • Improve failure response for ERROR_DISK_FULL to avoid hung backups in rare cases
  • Updated CBFSConnect driver version

Cloud Backup

  • NEW: Enable multiple backups per day for Cloud Backups
  • S3-compatible backups no longer use the ListAllMyBuckets API call, improving the ability for users to configure privacy settings for their clients’ buckets
  • Multiple improvements to improve performance and handling of very large backups (>20 million chunks)
  • Minor update to AWS SDK version to better handle rare Delete API responses
  • Add progress reporting to the garbage collection step at the end of the backup
  • Update region list for Amazon S3


  • Fix iSCSI disaster recoveries from iSCSI devices on Windows 11 and Server 2022 where the service dependencies have changed
  • Improve handling of VM validation responses during VM recoveries
  • Allow recoveries from New System Protection backups where the only the contents of the BackupAssistBackups folder are available, and not the BackupAssistBackups folder entry itself
  • Fix RecoverAssist booting issue where boot disk was created on a system where ucrtbase.dll and related dlls are not present on the boot.wim (may only be on some older 2012R2 systems)

Exchange Granular Restore

  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed a bug when the program was unable to see folders in an Exchange 2010 database
  • Fixed a bug with reconstruction of folders tree in an Exchange database

Other Fixes

  • Fix for crashing settings import scenarios
  • Partial fix to prevent corruption of Backup User Identity settings
  • Fix for BA728 issue for backups where the MSMQ VSS Writer is selected on Server 2019 and the file msmqreq.bkp is unexpectedly missing
  • Fix rare race condition causing backup crashes on startup
  • Fix a minor Test Restore issue with Cloud Backups for some sparse files
  • Fix one rare service startup issue
  • Avoid some invalid MBC registration check warnings
  • Avoid BackupCare expiry warnings when connected to MBC
  • Clarify reporting of recovery options for Bare Metal Recovery capable backups
  • Improved logging for MBC request failures
  • Avoid CSG scanning “System Volume Information” to reduce clogging of logs

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