Off-site backup with BackupAssist and Rsync – “How-to” videos

Back up your data off-site with RsyncOur Aussie friends over at BackupAssist developers Cortex IT have recently released a set of 5 excellent short videos showing how to configure an Rsync server from start to finish.

We also cover this setup procedure in our installation guide here, but if you are planning on setting up your own Rsync server using cwRsync, CopSSH and BackupAssist these are definitely worth a watch.

Part 1: Basic Rsync backup overview with BackupAssist

Part 2: Installing CopSSH and cwRsyncServer with BackupAssist

Part 3: Activate A User Within CopSSH with BackupAssist

Part 4: Set up an Rsync Client

Part 5: Seeding Your Rsync Server

Part 6: How To Uninstall Rsync Programs

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