MailStore and Office365As Office365 and other hosted Exchange platforms continue to attract more users, we're starting to see more demand from customers looking for a way to keep an offline copy of their data 'just in case' the unthinkable should happen. MailStore is perfect for automating this process, and while there's a good setup guide online to cover the basics, last week a customer called in asking for help with the more 'niche' requirement of setting up MailStore to archive email going to aliases in O365.

MailStore batch file for adding userDepending upon on the design of your network, it may not always be possible to let MailStore Server automatically synchronise its list of user accounts with your Active Directory. If that's the case, you way well find the alternative is to add users manually.

Yes, for the next few days we’re unashamedly jumping on the bandwagon of our American friends and slashing the cost of new licences by 25% for the brilliantly simple email archiving software, MailStore Server. Example pricing: 10 user licence = £214.28 + VAT  (Save £71.42!)

Our installation guide for MDaemon users details how to get MailStore up and running using a combination of two archiving jobs (journalling and mailbox). That works really well if you want to archive everyone's mail, but sometimes I'm asked about archiving for a handful of users only. Fortunately MDaemon uses a highly customisable content filter to journal mail which means it's flexible enough to make this's how I suggest you go about it...