CryptoSafeGuard: One-off Developer Led Webinar – Wednesday August 9th 2017

In case you missed my early heads up, the public release of CryptSafeGuard for BackupAssist is now but a few weeks away. It’s an anti-ransomware feature, it’s ever so timely and best of all, it’s free (provided you have valid upgrade cover of course!).

The senior development team over at BackupAssist are excited to let you know just how great it is, and with that in mind, are running a free one-off webinar for resellers on Wednesday 9th August @ 9.30am.  

If you can spare the time I highly recommend you attend as it’s a terrific opportunity to learn about a feature that could really help your customers (and you!) out of a tight spot should the unthinkable happen and their files become encrypted.

Not only that but it’s a rare chance to provide your thoughts and suggestions directly to the people who write the software.

Register for the webinar

  • Wednesday, August 9th, 9:30-10:30 am (GMT)

CryptoSafeGuard at-a-glance

In summary, the two key benefits of CryptoSafeGuard are:

  • It stops infected files from being backed up to your backup
  • It stops your backup from being compromised by ransomware

There’ll be a proper launch announcement with accompanying marketing bumf once the feature has made it through beta testing so once you’ve attended the webinar, keep an eye out for that.

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