Coming Soon: CryptoSafeGuard Ransomware Protection for BackupAssist


When the Australian development team at BackupAssist let me know there would be an anti-ransomware feature available so soon after the recent high profile cryptolocker attacks, I have to admit, the timing seemed almost a little too convenient.

Until any concrete evidence comes to light, we’ll work on the basis they just know the market, but my investigations will continue nonetheless 🙂

What is it?

In summary, the two key benefits of this feature are:

  • It stops infected files from being backed up to your backup
  • It stops your backup from being compromised by ransomware

There’ll be a proper launch announcement once the feature has made it through beta testing so keep your eyes peeled.

When can I get it?

If you’d like to help with beta test (and be a big help to the development team!), you can get a copy of the installer straight away via BackupAssist’s beta tester signup page.

In terms of a full public release, that normally follows about a month later, depending on how the beta phase progresses.

How much does it cost?

Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada

Yes, that’s right. CryptoSafeGuard will be free for all users of BackupAssist, the only caveat being that you must have valid upgrade protection to take advantage.

Not sure if your licence has expired?

You can check and renew your BackupAssist licence key here if necessary:-

Watch this space

Enjoy the video and please keep an eye out for a launch announcement via the blog, Twitter and our other social channels.

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