MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) – New Simplified Pricing Model


Almost exactly three years after its release and with 320 service providers under their belts, MailStore today introduce a new and simplified price model for the Service Provider Edition of their popular email archiving software for Office365, Exchange, MDaemon and other mail platforms.

The changes will be welcome news if you’re an IT support company wanting to ‘dip your toes’ in the services market without a large upfront commitment. Plus existing customers should be pleased to see improved margins as a result of lower ongoing costs too.

What’s changed?

With immediate effect, MailStore has lowered the barrier to entry for new service providers, waiving the setup fee completely and reducing the previous minimum order quantity from 100 users to 50.

The changes, which include a new licencing tier from 50-99 users, should appeal to smaller companies looking to introduce hosted archiving to customers at their own pace, without the immediate pressure to build numbers in order to recover costs.

There’s no longer a ‘per instance’ charge either, so the only cost to factor in is the per mailbox charge which makes for lower, more predictable ongoing overheads for anyone using the service.


  • No setup fee
  • No ‘per instance’ fee
  • New minimum order quantity of 50 users
  • New pricing tier from 50-99 users

About MailStore SPE

A Windows-based software solution for service providers, MailStore SPE enables you as a partner to offer your customers modern email archiving services from your own IT infrastructure.

It’s scalable and, if necessary, highly redundant, making it suitable for both small providers, who can take advantage of an easy-to-use single-server mode, and partners with large numbers of customers, where a multi-server mode is needed.

Business benefits

  • Because it’s your own infrastructure, full control of the solution and your customers
  • The freedom to determine pricing and to customise branding
  • The flexibility to serve customers from most local or cloud-based mail platforms
  • Peace of mind that over 35,000 companies already trust the MailStore technology
  • Multi-server options for ultimate scalability
  • Easy to get started with free trials, great support and plenty of marketing materials

Hardware resource calculator

With services like AWS and Azure taking a lot of the hassle out of running a hosting platform, it’s a great time to think about ‘archiving-as-a-service’.

MailStore’s new resource calculcator is based on their experience of over over 300 installations, and should be sufficient to give you an idea of the type of machine needed to operate your SPE installation.

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Try MailStore SPE for free

If you’re interested in becoming a service provider and would like a trial version of MailStore without any obligation to take it further, please get in touch using the link below and we’ll arrange a 30-day trial key for you.

In addition to the trial, there’s pricing, hardware specification help, videos and more in the MailStore SPE partner portal. For access,  register your interest via our website here:-

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