BackupAssist 7.1 now available – new Exchange granular restore features, enhanced support for Server 2012 and more…

The brand new major release of BackupAssist, version 7.1 is now available to download, and brings many of the features you’ve been asking us for such as support for Exchange 2013, enhanced support for Server 2012 and history for imaging backups on NAS and RDX drives.

This is now the most stable release of BackupAssist v7 and we recommend that you download and install it straight away. If you already own a BackupAssist v7 license then you can download and update for free.

Major new features in BackupAssist v7.1 include:

  • Exchange Granular Restore Beta – a new add-on supporting Exchange 2013 and able to restore individual Exchange items from System Protection, File Protection and File Archiving backups. More info here.
  • Improved support for Windows Server 2012 – backup deduplicated files, backup primary Hyper-V replica virtual machines, choose Storage Spaces as a backup destination, and support for SMB 3.0, CSV and ReFS.
  • Data Containers – System protection backups can now be put into a Data Container, (except for iSCSI destinations) bringing support for history for imaging backups to NAS and RDX drives. More info here.

Smaller features and fixes:

  • Remote Restore – BackupAssist Restore Console can now be launched from within Central Administration (Hyper-V, SQL and Exchange remote restores currently unavailable)
  • Backup reports six months and older are archived and accessible via “View archived reports” link in the Reports list
  • New lightweight remote console client installer for Central Administration that does not require a BackupAssist license

Read the full release notes here, then upgrade to BackupAssist v7.1.

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