Apple iOS 7 brings ‘notes’ synchronisation to MDaemon

MDaemon provides support for all of the major mobile platforms via its integrated ActiveSync support, so it’s nice and straight-forward to connect your device, whatever it might be, and have your email, calendar, contacts and other important data available on the move.

Until the recent release of iOS 7, there’s never been the option available on the iPhone to synchronise notes, however we’re pleased to let you know that it’s here, and it couldn’t be much easier to enable!

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Simpler synchronisation of your Android device using ActiveSync

Up until quite recently I’ve always recommend that if you’re an Android mobile user who needs access to your email, calendar and contacts, the best method was to use IMAP to synchronise your email and ActiveSync for the calendar and contacts. This two account approach works well but I’ve always been aware it could be simpler to set up.

Thankfully, ActiveSync ‘push’ email was added to MDaemon in version 12, so you’re now able to enjoy full synchronisation of both your email accounts, calendar and contacts with just a single ActiveSync account.

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MDaemon 13 beta preview: Part 1 – ActiveSync policies

Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with the latest Beta editions of MDaemon version 13 and thought it’d be beneficial to share some of the great new up and coming features you can expect to see in the release.

Just before I wet your appetite with the first of them – don’t forget, if you’re interested in getting involved in the MDaemon beta test process you can apply to join the community by registering here. 

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MDaemon Messaging Server – a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange?

MDaemon, Exchange or Office365?Towards the end of my last post I touched on the fact that Microsoft’s recent announcement to drop Small Business Server next year has given particularly its partner community, reasons to look around at potential alternative solutions to Exchange.

In this post I take a moment to highlight some of the reasons MDaemon Messaging Server should be on that list of alternatives you might be considering, including how the costs look alongside the equivalent Microsoft products.

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MDaemon mobile clients : Recommended connection methods

smartphones.pngAs MDaemon has evolved over the years there have been many different ways to setup syncronisation with mobile devices and with the the recent introduction of ActiveSync push email there is a new kid on the block but does this now make ActiveSync the best all in one method for email, calendar and contact syncronisation for all customers who can use it?

Read on to see our recommendations for each mobile platform and what advantages and disadvantages different methods have.

WorldClient challenge – Day 2 Drag and drop messages

Moving messages is much easier in WorldClient thanks to the simple drag and drop feature. Just like a Windows application you can pick up one or more messages and either move or hold down <CTRL> to copy them to a new folder. A nice feature is that if you hang over a collapsed folder this will expand allowing you to drop the messages into a sub folder.

World Client drag and drop animation

This feature is available in the Lookout Theme for WorldClient, and works across multiple browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. If you have tested this in any other browsers please let me know in the comments.

WorldClient challenge – Day 1 Calendars

Did you know WorldClient is not only for email but also has extensive built in calendar support? It does not stop at just managing your own personal calendar, but it also provides access to any other public and shared calendars that you have rights to view.

One often overlooked feature is the ability to overlay multiple calendars in one single view.WorldClient Calendars

This makes it much easier to find out a suitable time slot when booking an event and inviting multiple people, you can easily see at a glance when everyone is free.

The users calendar is the same one that is synchronised with Outlook Connector or even with your iPhone, Blackberry or Android device so you don’t even need to be in front of a PC to get important alerts.

Useful software tool of the week: Evernote


This week I want to introduce Evernote.

If you’re anything like me you are probably working on a number of different projects at the same time. Historically I have found many different approaches to keeping organised, ranging from scribbling on notepads or creating text files that end up scattered around my PC, to using Outlook “tasks” and other dedicated tools.

All of these approaches have had their own drawbacks which is where I’ve found that Evernote steps in.

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