Useful software tool of the week: Evernote


This week I want to introduce Evernote.

If you’re anything like me you are probably working on a number of different projects at the same time. Historically I have found many different approaches to keeping organised, ranging from scribbling on notepads or creating text files that end up scattered around my PC, to using Outlook “tasks” and other dedicated tools.

All of these approaches have had their own drawbacks which is where I’ve found that Evernote steps in.

I think Evernote’s fantastic for managing all of your snippets of information in one secure and centralised location (in the cloud). Then by synchronsing these notes with any of the available apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone/ iPad, Android or even just the web browser, you’ll have quick and easy access wherever you are.

Any notes you make can contain formatted text, pictures and audio, while in the full version it’s possible to attach other document files.

Once you’ve created them, you can even share your notes with other users,  something I find particularly useful when I’m collaborating on projects with other members of the team.

A number of plugins are also available for browsers and email clients that allow you quick access to drop information into Evernote, further extending its usefulness.

Evernote’s saving me lots of time so I hope you find it useful too. It’s a free application, so if like me you need a place to stick of all your thoughts and doodles, it’s available for download here.

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