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WorldClient challenge – Day 2 Drag and drop messages

Moving messages is much easier in WorldClient thanks to the simple drag and drop feature. Just like a Windows application you can pick up one or more messages and either move or hold down <CTRL> to copy them to a new folder. A nice feature is that if you hang over a collapsed folder this will expand allowing you to drop the messages into a sub folder.

World Client drag and drop animation

This feature is available in the Lookout Theme for WorldClient, and works across multiple browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. If you have tested this in any other browsers please let me know in the comments.


  1. David Montgomery

    Famous at last! Looks like we re-tweeted one of your tweets and now the whole world has blogged evidence (see above)!

    • jameszensoftware

      Thanks for the retweet David, and for pointing out the evidence is in the screenshot.

      You may want to ensure you’ve got a full team on hand…the volume of calls could be overwhelming :).

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