MailStore v11.0 is here! GDPR-ready Retention Policies and Enhanced Security

MailStore 11

MailStore version 11 is now live and available for download from our Web site. Just a few weeks ahead of the EU General Data Protection Regulation implementation, this timely release focuses on two key areas, security and compliance.

If you’re wondering where email archiving fits into the GDPR piece, you might find our recent video ‘10 ways MailStore can help satisfy GDPR‘ and the official MailStore advisory PDF a good starting point.

In this post though, we’ll take a closer look at the goodies v11 brings to users of both the Server and Service Provider Editions of the popular archiving software.

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New: MailStore Server v10 – The Most Secure Version Yet

mailstore-v10In the first major release since the company’s acquisition by backup giant Carbonite, MailStore’s development team today bring us the most secure version we’ve seen to date of their popular archiving software.

Against a backdrop of increased Internet crime and social engineering threats, we see the German development team really zero in on security enhancements in this latest release – while continuing to make life easier for administrators.

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Easy Email Encryption Using MDaemon and Virtru

The sheer amount of email that flows across the internet every day is staggering, but what’s all too easy to overlook is just how insecure this form of communication actually is.

Often email delivery is compared to traditional paper post in that there is an envelope containing a letter, there are senders and there are recipients. In reality, the comparison is much more similar to a postcard.

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Testing Bitlocker with BackupAssist as an alternative to TrueCrypt encryption

You’ve probably picked up in the IT press that the developers of TrueCrypt, currently integrated within BackupAssist, are no longer actively developing the software.

A recent independent audit published by iSEC has not identified any security flaws in TrueCrypt, however at some point in the future, it’s likely vulnerabilities may creep into it.

DISCLAIMER: We’re not suggesting you need to switch away immediately and ultimately fully expect to see a new encryption application integrated into BackupAssist.

However….I like to tinker…

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BackupAssist 6.2.5 released – Are you encrypting your backups yet?

BackupAssist box shotThe latest version of BackupAssist 6.2.5 was released today so be sure to to download and upgrade your copy. For a full list of fixes and changes please consult the release notes.

This version consists mainly of a long list of fixes and minor improvements, one of which being that there’s now support for system state backups when using the TrueCrypt encryption option.

If you haven’t yet tried it, we would highly recommend the TrueCrypt integration within BackupAssist for securing your offsite backups when using any file replication jobs. Added to version 6 of BackupAssist free of charge, it’s very simple to configure and with it you’ll benefit from industry standard AES 256-bit encryption in what is essentially real time.

To find out more on configuring BackupAssist with TrueCrypt please have a look at our knowledgebase article:- HOWTO: Encrypt File Replication jobs in BackupAssist using TrueCrypt