If you've used Achab's Archive Server (ASM) software in the past and upgraded to MailStore, it's highly likely you'll be wanting to bring across that historic archived data to the new platform. There are two ways you can go about importing an external ASM archive to MailStore - either directly as files, or, via your MDaemon email server. One of the limitations of importing directly into MailStore is that mail can't be sorted on a per-user basis and instead the archive will have to reside under a single MailStore user account which you delegate access to via MailStore's permissions system. It's for this reason that we tend to recommend the second option and utilise the MDaemon server as an intermediary for MailStore to collect the old archive data from.

Back up your data off-site with RsyncThis is the second series of fantastic of "how-to" videos to be released by developer Cortex, this time aimed at helping users check and resolve common VSS issues.
Whether you've already come across something similar or just want to further your technical understanding of the product, we'd highly recommend a watch when you get a moment...

BackupAssist imaging jobs utilise the Microsoft Windows imaging engine to backup and write your data. As some of you may already be aware, there is a known Microsoft issue when using the Windows imaging engine to back up to a destination drive that is utilising 4K bytes per cluster. This typically relates to the larger (>2TB) USB hard drives that are now becoming more common. Some hard drives can be reformatted using 512 bytes per cluster rather than 4K bytes per cluster but unfortunately not all have this option.

Best wishes for 2013 Happy New Year everyone. A big thank you to all of you who've shown support, whether it's by using one of our products or simply by visiting our blog pages occasionally. From all of the team here at Zen Software, we hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013. As those resolutions start to kick in and we're looking forward to making sure we start  2013 in the best way possible, I wanted to stop for just a moment and share with you which of the posts on the blog were most popular in 2012. You never know, you might just have missed a gem or two!

BackupAssist version 7 sees the first iteration of a great new central administration console  for remote control access. Administrators can now manage all of their local network installations of BackupAssist through one single web interface hosted by a central nominated BackupAssist installation. All backup jobs and reports from your various installations can be quickly monitored and remote control sessions can be launched to manage a specific installation for changes. In effect, administrators no longer need to remotely log in to a BackupAssist server to manage all of its settings.

We're basically a bunch of petrolheads here at Zen Software, so when it came to choosing an event to thank our partners for their support, it was always likely to involve engines of some kind. As we've been on a fair few track days between us, we all agreed it might be a nice idea to mix it up a bit and instead thought it would be nice to try playing in the sand...