MailStore Drop-in – A Reseller’s Guide to MailStore v13.0 – Now With Modern Authentication Support

With both Microsoft and Google planning to turn off Basic Authentication in the not too- distant future, the latest MailStore release sees a major re-write of the integration with M365 and G Suite to provide better security through Modern Authentication.

To help explain what it is, how it’s been implemented in MailStore and how it will
benefit your customers, host James Steel will be joined by Director of Engineering
Daniel Weuthen, who can absolutely do it justice!

This will be a show and tell session with live demo + Q&A.

Topics they’ll aim to cover include:-

  • The Microsoft and Google announcement
  • A beginner’s guide to MFA, 2FA, OAuth 2.0 and OIDC
  • Why this is of benefit to your customers
  • A live demo of setup and user experience
  • Other new features in v13
  • Open Q&A for resellers


Details of a limited promotion on ‘expired’ upgrades

Who is this aimed at?
– New and existing MailStore resellers and Service Providers

Full details and registration here (Microsoft Form):

‘EDIT: This session has now passed however you’ll find the on-demand version linked above and available to watch without registration’

Let us know what you think....

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