MailStore Server v10.2: New Web Access Client, Digitally Signed Exports and More…

Great news – it’s here, and it’s available for download now via our website. It’s the latest update to MailStore Server, the email archiving software for Office365, Exchange and MDaemon.

The highlight is a complete overhaul of the web search client, plus the introduction of digital signing for exported email in all three versions of MailStore. Last but not least, this release also sees the introduction of ‘status reports’ for the Service Provider edition.

The developer’s blog announcement mentions they’re ‘bringing the user experience and security to a new level’.  I can’t argue with that from what I’ve seen so far, and the particularly interesting part is that this release is the developmental stepping stone for lots more in the way of improvements in the months to come.

So what’s new?

1) New responsive Web access client

It’s no secret that more of us are using our mobile devices for work purposes. Well, it’s this trend that’s behind MailStore’s development of an all-new web client. Not only is it much cleaner and easier to navigate than it’s predecessor, but it now transitions seamlessly between the full-screen desktop and mobile views.

As I demonstrate in the video above, there’s more functionality too. New in this release are some simple but useful features, such as the ability to tidy up your archived folders with the introduction of merge, delete and create functions.

2) Digitally signed exports

MailStore can help companies of all sizes satisfy GDPR requirements, and the digital signing of exports adds to the continuous development of the product’s compliance-oriented features.

If you’re responding to a request by an auditor or migrating message data to another location for any reason, MailStore will now create a hash file that lets the person in receipt of the data determine that it’s not been changed in any way.

In addition to helping with GDPR demands, the new addition particularly helps those businesses who are already required by sector-specific legislation to keep and provide data in a tamper-proof manner.

3) Status reports for MailStore SPE

One of the most popular features back in v10.1 was the introduction of status reports. These could be delivered via email to administrators, providing an overview of important events at a glance (you may recall a post from a little while back where we showed you how to set up email reporting in MailStore).

In this release, we see that same functionality filter down to the Service Provider edition of MailStore too.

Download Version 10.2

Bring your installation up to date in minutes by simply downloading the latest version from the link below and over-installing – provided you have current upgrade protection.

Not sure if you’re eligible for the free upgrade? Check your licence key using the upgrades checker on our site.

download2x release-notes2x

Need help? Have questions? Give us a shout in the normal ways!

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