New video: Using BackupAssist’s centralised administration

One of the new features to be added in BackupAssist version 7 was the ability to control multiple BackupAssist installations from a central location on your network.

This latest video from the developers of BackupAssist shows you how to configure the service, and walks you through the features it provides for backup Administrators.

BackupAssist v7.0 launch date

We’re aware that many of you are patiently awaiting the release of BackupAssist v7.0, so you’ll be pleased to know we have a date! Yes, we expect the latest iteration of your favourite backup software to be live and available for download on Monday the 25th February.

Renew your beta keys

If you’re running the latest BackupAssist v7.0.0b3 beta, you may have noticed it’ll expire on the 18th of February. Please note that to continue to use the beta version you’ll need to download the latest version 7.0.0b3u1. Without it, any jobs you’ve configured will stop running on the 19th of February, however no configuration will be lost and you can still upgrade afterwards if needed.

Watch this space for additional updates!

New ‘Introduction to MDaemon Messaging Server’ Webinar

If you’re new to MDaemon and want a quick and easy way to get up to speed on the features it offers, I’ve just added a brand new webinar you should find ideal.

During this one hour session I’ll focus on the user’s experience via Outlook and MDaemon’s web mail client, plus I’ll show you how simple it is to connect from any of the current mobile devices.

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