Restoring missing email using the Exchange Granular Restore Console – Part 1

Exchange Granular Restore Console Feature SpotlightWith the release of BackupAssist v7.3 a brand new method for restoring exchange mailbox data was introduced¬†named ‘Exchange Granular Restore’. This is still a relatively new feature for many of our customers so I thought it would be useful to put together a guide to introduce this new feature and how best to make use of it. Continue reading

INVITE: BackupAssist developer webinar – Agentless backup and recovery scenarios for Hyper-V

Hyper-V webinarOur Aussie friends over at BackupAssist developer Cortex IT, have opened up a great opportunity for our partners to attend the first in what we hope will be a series of online Webinar/ Q&A sessions.

They’re presented directly by the BackupAssist development team and are a unique chance to hear about BackupAssist’s Hyper-V backup capabilities while also providing feedback should you wish.

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Did you know BackupAssist image backups can be recovered direct to a virtual machine?

We were recently asked if you could recover a Windows Image Backup of a 2008 R2 server taken with BackupAssist directly to a newly created Hyper-V Virtual Machine.¬† This was something that should work in theory as part of the ‘recover to dissimilar hardware’ function of Windows image backups, but there are a few considerations that have to be met for a clean restore process.

So here is the best way we have found to achieve this.

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