SecurityGateway v6.0 – Integrated Archiving and Improved Data Leak Protection Features

SecurityGateway v4.0The mail remains the access to point to your business for cyber-criminals.

As an IT administrator, you are blessed with unenviable task

that the vast majority of cyber criminals can get access to your

Well, up until today, the answer would have been SecurityGateway, the email software firewall from Texas-based email security specialist,

the software firewall that sits between your Exchange, MDaemon, Kerio or Smartermail server, and your router, protecting your organisation from spam, viruses, spoofing, phishing and more.

In this post, we take a whistle-stop tour of the new features.

As always, this is just our highlights, a comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements can be viewed in the SecurityGateway Release Notes.

Enhanced Anti-Spoofing Support with DMARC

Added Support for DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) to enable domain owners to direct the actions to take when handling messages purporting to be from their domain(s) but were not actually sent by them.

DMARC verification

Improved User Interface for Mobile Devices

The web interface has been updated to use an easier to navigate, mobile first responsive design that is based entirely on the size of the screen being used.

Whether the user is on a phone, tablet, or PC, the appearance is the same for the various screen sizes.

Mobile Friendly Dashboard

Send Mail from Each Domain’s IP Address

For servers that have multiple IP addresses, each domain can now be bound to a specific IP address. Mail from the domain will be sent from its assigned IP address.

SecurityGateway IP binding

Other Improvements

The appearance of the quarantine report emails has been updated to match the look of the new SecurityGateway interface.

An option was added that allows users to decide when to display the charts on the Main and My Account landing pages.

The 4 choices are “Automatic” (default), “Always”, “Manual”, and “Never”.

MDaemon SpamBot Feature

Download and Release Notes

You are of course entitled to a free upgrade to v4.0 if your licence is current (you can check here) – otherwise, you can simply renew your key to both bring your licence up to date with the latest version and reinstate your free technical support.

For full details of every update in this release, please see the release notes.

For the latest installation files see our downloads page.

Happy Upgrading!

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