Is your current approach to archiving right for your business?

head in sandWhenever I talk to companies about email archiving, the phrase “Yes, we keep copies of all our email” usually crops up pretty quickly, perhaps indicating there’s no longer anything else worth discussing.

I find that if ask the right questions – for example, whether their current solution will scale for the years ahead, how easy it is to access for users and whether the archived mails are totally safe and backed up too – I often find the conversation will continue on a little further! Archiving’s one of those topics that’s been around for many years, however it’s evident that lots of companies aren’t totally familiar with the benefits, which us where we come in..

It’s not a definitive list but I’ve put a PDF together with a hanful of the questions I would normally ask, to get you thinking a little about your own approach to archiving – hopefully you’ll find them useful…

Download the questions (PDF 127Kb)

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