Useful software tool of the week: WinSCP

Its been a while since I recommended a useful free software tool. But this time I want to introduce a tool that I have been using for many years but recently have found very useful specifically when dealing with Rsync jobs in BackupAssist.

Introducing WINSCP

WINSCP is developed by Martin Prikryl  of Putty fame.  It is a simple utility that at first glance works in exactly the same way as an FTP client but with  some very useful features that stand out. Continue reading

SSH rsync backups to a ReadyNas – blank media usage reports solved

Before I start, I should warn you, this may be a rare issue that only effects a handful of customers – in particular those that use older NAS hardware. However, through diagnosing this issue I’ve learned much more about how the media usage report works with BackupAssist rsync jobs and thought it would be useful to share my findings.

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