MailStore and MDaemon – Technology and Marketing Partnership announced

MailStore MDaemon partnership

Heinz Wietfeld (Global Sales Director at MailStore) & Jerry Donald (Co-CEO at Alt-N Technologies)

MailStore offers first-class integration with MDaemon Messaging Server, the popular email server for small businesses.

We’re very pleased to let you know the developers of these two excellent products have announced they’re formalising their already close working relationship.

MailStore GmbH, based in Viersen, Germany and Alt-N Technologies operating out of Fort Worth, Texas have now put in place an official technology and marketing partnership arrangement, which you can read all about in the official press release.

MDaemon magazine review: – MDaemon 8 Pro ‘one of the most compelling mail servers on the market’

The review covers the recently-released MDaemon 8, with its emphasis on expanded groupware functions and security technologies. Concerning MDaemon’s built-in groupware functions, ServerWatch says the ‘WorldClient browser interface is slick…’ and the groupware data integrates ‘seamlessly between WorldClient and Outlook’, through Alt-N’s Outlook Connector plug-in.

MDaemon magazine review: ZDNet – MDaemon is already a good Exchange alternative, and it’s set to become even better

Alan Stevens reviews MDaemon 8 for ZDNet just prior to the release of Outlook Connector…”Popular with small to medium-sized businesses and beyond, MDaemon Pro is a fully featured SMTP mail server that can be further extended with a range of optional add-ons. Among these are an antivirus scanner and LDAP directory server plus MDaemon GroupWare, which adds Exchange-like collaboration features accessible both from the built-in Web client and via Outlook.”