The Guardian newspaper trusts in MailStore

The Guardian newspaper

We’re very pleased to announce that national daily newspaper The Guardian, now trusts in MailStore Server for efficiently and securely managing its emails. The newspaper is published by Guardian News & Media Ltd along with sister papers the Observer and Guardian Weekly.

In addition to this new customer, many other successful newspapers, such as USA Today, also rely on MailStore Server, the standard for email archiving.


MDaemon case study: WarePortal

WarePortal has benefited from the deployment of BlackBerry smartphones integrated with the MDaemon Messaging Server. For example, the previous solution used by WarePortal provided separate solutions for email, content filtering, spam filtering, groupware and archiving.

The MDaemon Messaging Server, on the other hand, provides all of these services in one cost-effective and easily deployable solution. This decreases the likelyhood of unanswered problems and helps to eliminate duplicated work.

Download: Adobe PDF file, size: 445 KB

MDaemon case study: HSH Coldstores

HSH Coldstores operates in a fast-moving business sector.Customers expect HSH Coldstores to be highly responsive to their request. As a result, the company had for many years been using an IMAP email solution comprised of mobile devices couple with MDaemon which enabled the company’s managers to move freely about the vast warehouse facility, and at any moment of the day they could be reached by telephone or email, without being tied to their desk.

Today HSH Coldstores uses MDaemon Messaging Server, BlackBerry Edition, coupled with BlackBerry smartphones. “It’s exactly what we were looking for: reliable push technology for email and calendar at the right price, ” says Colin Cox, IT Administrator for HSH Coldstores.

MDaemon case study: Volmar Technologies

As a computer consulting enterprise, Volmar Technologies provides professional business and technology solutions for small-to-medium businesses.

They help companies with their computers, networks and network communications, including both hosted and in-house email.

After trying multiple methods, tools and products to protect their users’ mailboxes from spam and virii, Volmar chose SecurityPlus.

Download: Adobe PDF file, size: 569 KB

MDaemon case study: St George’s School For Girls

St George’s School for Girls was established in the late 1800’s to provide exceptional learning opportunities for students, using excellent teaching and individual support. Introducing MDaemon and the Web-based mail client allowed access to e-mail from anywhere in school or at home, in a number of different languages, on any platform, was ideal for the school as it phased out the Acorns and Apples in order to introduce PCs.

Download: Adobe PDF file, size: 1.2 MB