usecure – Phishing Simulation Training

In today’s world, any business that isn’t thinking about cyber-attacks and how to prevent them is asking for trouble. You can’t look at the news without seeing an ever increasing number of reports from companies that have succumbed to some sort of attack from cybercriminals and hackers. Ask any IT professional and cyber security is at the forefront of their working day.

usecure – the Human Risk Management tool that we distribute have written a great blog post this month that we’d like to share some details from. In it they provide 6 examples of effective phishing simulation training. Follow the links below to learn how business leaders can educate their staff and avoid being attacked by any kind of bad actor.

What is phishing simulation training?

Why is phishing simulation training important?

Different forms of phishing simulation training

How to maximise the effectiveness of phishing simulation training?

Set up your phishing simulation training now 

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