The Great Christmas Usecure Raffle – Win An Oculus Quest 2!

DEADLINE NOW EXTENDED UNTIL 28TH FEBRUARY 2022! How would you like to rock up to the office to find a bunch of your customers wanting to give you money?

That’s exactly what happened to one MSP when he sent a single email about usecure to his customers in December.

The idea was simple, a free 14-day Christmas cyber health check – but the results were incredible.

We were blown away by the response and because it’s so easy to replicate, we’ve turned it into something you don’t see often in the MSP space – a Christmas sales incentive! 😊

Starting 1st December 2021 to the now extended deadline of 28th February 2022, for every Human Risk Report you complete for your clients, we’ll be giving you five tickets into a prize draw.

The prize is an amazing Oculus Quest 128GB worth £299 – the latest and greatest wireless VR headset, an amazing piece of kit, and endless fun for the home and office.

What do you need to do?

Send an email!

What could you win?

A slice of the future – a VR headset (and plenty of recurring revenue for your business!)

How does the campaign work?

You can generate leads for this incentive however you wish but the most successful approach we’ve seen with other MSPs is to use a free email template to advise clients you’ll be opting them in automatically to a free cyber health check.

This gives you an opportunity in small batches to use usecure’s Human Risk Report to demonstrate how exposed they are as a business.

The Human Risk Report – the non-salesy way to drive leads

The Human Risk Report is the perfect non-obtrusive way to highlight to your clients the need to take action.

When you run a report you follow these steps:-

  • Domain scan which searches publicly available information
  • Breach scan for all users to identify accounts that may be affected by a known compromise
  • Automated spear phishing simulation
  • Risk score and time to breach

See what’s involved…

New to usecure?

This promotion is open to all partners, not just those already familiar with usecure.

Follow the links below and we’ll have you up to speed and your cyber posture strengthened in no time at all.

Top tips for making the most of this incentive

  • Use the spear-phishing ‘holiday policy’ template for best results
  • Run the phishing simulation over several days
  • Include all users when you run your risk reports
  • Segment users into batches of 5 to avoid overwhelm
  • Have a custom brochure ready for the conversion conversation (ask us about this)
  • Use the social media graphics and marketing resources available (ask for more info)
  • Look out for Danny’s usecure Sales Growth Webinar in January (to be announced soon!)

Interested in getting involved?

We’ll automatically enter you into the prize draw but if you’d like some help with customising materials, onboarding customers and training let us know in the usual ways!

The lucky winner will be announced via YouTube Live 28th February 2022!

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