MailStore v13.2: The Fastest Yet and Now Suitable for Businesses With Up To 2,000 Users

German email archiving vendor MailStore has just announced version 13.2 of their popular archiving solution for M365, Exchange and other mail platforms. The two highlights of this release are a major increase in performance and a significant step in scalability.

Version 13.2 of MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) see an increase in the advised upper limit for user numbers on a given installation, enabling you as the IT service provider to widen the audience you can talk to about archiving to include larger customers now as well as SMB’s.

The new features of MailStore 13.2 at a glance:

  • Increase of recommended ceiling size: Instead of 500, up to 2,000 users can now run on a single installation (please still observer the Server and SPE system requirements)
  • Automatic creation of archive stores: Configuration is no longer necessary to create archive stores, which significantly improves performance. More info on MailStore’s blog.
  • PDF indexing: The integrated indexing of PDF attachments is now supported eliminating the prior dependency on Adobe PDF iFilter.

Find a full overview of the new features in the official release notes.

Download the latest version

Provided the upgrade cover of your customer is current, you can download the latest release of MailStore Server, free of charge from our website.

If your customer’s upgrade cover has expired, you can either renew it via the partner portal or via this link (you’ll need the licence key to hand).

If you’re completely fresh to MailStore and would like to take a closer look, you can download the new version as part of the 30-day trial.

Service providers interested in the MailStore SPE can register here free of charge to obtain all the relevant information including pricing and access to a free trial version.

About MailStore

MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition enable your customers to keep a perfect centralised copy of their email conversations as a backup or for compliance, to manage their mailbox sizes and to keep Outlook running smoothly, and to find messages more quickly.

Trusted by 80,000 customers worldwide, specialist German vendor MailStore are the Experts in Email Archiving.

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