NEW: usecure – Automated Human Risk Management for MSPs

Have you spent months, or even years deciding on the perfect security stack for your clients?

Has your team been painstakingly implementing best security practices across your estate to keep your customers safe and secure?

One more question…

Could all of your good work potentially be undone in seconds by an employee clicking a rogue link and welcoming a cyber-attack with open arms?

Your biggest problem when it comes to cyber security is not the technology…

…it’s the humans.

The good news is that now there’s something you can do about it…

Introducing usecure

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the addition of usecure, the automated ‘Human Risk Management’ platform to our partner portfolio, a security solution that’s been built from the ground up for MSPs.

In this video our MD, James Steel provides an overview of the service and explains why it’s the perfect addition to the portfolio of every MSP.

usecure is a suite of four core security products that when used together turn employees from being a company’s primary vulnerability to a highly effective layer of defense.

Modules include:

What makes usecure different?

Unlike many of the other solutions of this type available today, usecure is laser-focused on MSPs.

What does this mean for you?

Request your free lifetime Not-for-resale licence

As huge proponents of ‘eating your own dog food’, if usecure is of interest we highly recommend you request your free fully-functional version of usecure to run test internally. Just let us know if you’d like one and we’ll get it arranged for you right away.

What’s more, it will remain yours for life. No charge, no commitment, and no obligation!

Fancy a private guided tour?

We’re running private demos of usecure every day so if you’d like to learn about the key features, onboarding customers and how existing MSPs are getting the most from the platform, just get in touch and let us know when is convenient for you.

Demos take around 45 mins and it’s the simplest way to understand whether usecure is a good fit for your portfolio.

Want to learn more about usecure?

Take a look at the usecure overview on our website
Watch demo videos of each of the usecure modules
Book your 1:2:1 demo with a usecure expert!

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