Lets Encrypt issues its 1 Billionth Certificate!

Anyone who has ever needed to host a secure  service on the Internet will be familiar with the complex process of purchasing and registering root trusted SSL certificates and installing onto your servers, as well as the need to keep track of when they expire and need renewing.

A little over 4 years ago one SSL certificate authority ‘Let’s Encrypt’ decided to do something different and give away free root trusted certificates, but not only that they made the process easily automated thought an open API interface.  4 years later they have just issued there 1 billionth certificate and now serve over 50% of the Internet Certificates in operation.

Due to the Let’s Encrypt service, software vendors have been able to simplify the setup of SSL protected services by integrating Let’s Encrypt Certificates into their  applications.  A good example of the difference this means to administrators is highlighted by artstechnica.com

MDaemon, SecurityGateway and MailStore have all got built in support for them and if you are using any of these products we strongly recommend switching over to a Lets Encrypt certificate – especially if you have been using a self signed certificate in the past!  Not only will you simplify the setup process and have no need to set reminders for renewals, you also save money in the process!


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