SecurityGateway 6.5.0 Released

There is a new release of SecurityGateway, Version 6.5.0 please see below for the list of Special Considerations and Changes before installing this update.

If you have any questions about this release please feel free to contact us on


Latest download available from here


  • [22445] The LetsEncrypt functionality has been updated to use ACME v2. This update is required because LetsEncrypt is discontinuing support for ACME v1. PowerShell 5.1 and .Net Framework 4.7.2 are now required in order to use LetsEncrypt.


  • [21300] Added support to host the database on a standalone external Firebird server.  A “-setdbconnect” parameter has been added to sgdbtool.exe to specify the IP address, database path/alias, username, and password to use when connecting to the database.
  • [22033] Added XML API functions to manage Sieve scripts
  • [22125] Added XML API functions to enable archiving and manage archive stores
  • [21519] All settings related to DKIM ADSP have been deprecated and removed
  • [22451] Updated ClamAV to version 0.102.0
  • [22370] Added support to scan RAR archives for attachment filtering.
  • [16384] Added ability to scan TNEF (winmail.dat) files for restricted attachments
  • [22129] Messages from a domain mail server are DKIM signed (if enabled) even if SMTP session has not authenticated
  • [20906] Added option to detect macros in documents during virus scanning
  • [21814] Updated Cyren AV engine to version 6.2.2-rc2.
  • [21315] Added support to send a journaling report with a copy of all accepted messages to a specified email address
  • [20223] Added the ability to remove the subject tag used to trigger RMail processing
  • [22025] Added the ability to exclude calendar invitation messages from RMail processing
  • [22231] Disabled registry reflection, the “64bit Windows Registry” is always used even with the 32bit build running on a 64bit operating system.  Existing registry keys and values that may exist in the Wow6432bit node are copied to the non-reflected location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ALT-N Technologies\SecurityGateway.
  • [4616] The “Include “Blacklist” link in quarantine email” option has been renamed to “Include “Blacklist” option in quarantine list and email” and also applies to the user’s quarantine list view in the web interface

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