Aherrrm. Have You Changed Today’s Backup Drive?

BackupAssist Email RemindersIt’s inevitable. At some point, if you’ve got BackupAssist managing a pool of multiple drives or cartridges, the person responsible will forget to change them.

One of the nice things about BackupAssist is that it’ll automatically email the individual and tell them they’re single-handedly responsible for putting the entire company at risk and that they’re basically a bad person.

Well…words to that effect.

This is how you set up a reminder…

1) Add email addresses of recipients

For ease of management, BackupAssist has one central list of email recipients it uses across the software, so our first port of call is to add the people you’d like to remind about changing your media.

You’ll find this under Settings > Email Address List.

2) Open the Notifications editor

You’ll find the editor by opening the properties of any backup job you’ve got created in BackupAssist.

Navigate to Notifications > Add notification  to show the dialogue window below.

Hit Next.

3) Edit message content

Being careful not to alter the macro tags – craft your most abusive efficient email for your users.

It might be an idea to add a line in there with contact details of the administrator in the event of an issue.

4) Notifications

The final step is to individually enter the addresses you created in step 1.

Hit Finish and you’re done!


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