New webinar: What is MailStore Service Provider Edition? Is it for me?

Cloud, private-cloud, multi-tennant, hosted, SaaS, service provider, xSP – the myriad of terminology used to describe products such as MailStore Service Provider Edition are practically endless it seems.

This probably explains why lots of our partner program members, all typically IT support companies servicing SMB’s, have been asking for further clarification around exactly what this new version of MailStore actually is and how it works before they’ve been able to decide whether it’s right for them.

For this reason we’re now running a small number of free 30 minute(ish) webinar sessions which will answer the questions – “What is it?” and “Is it for me?”. Essentially it is a high level overview and then time for a group Q & A.

Launched in February,  MailStore Service Provider Edition (MS SPE) is a software solution, designed to make it straightforward for IT support companies who already have hosted servers, to provide their customers with a professional hosted email archiving service.

What can you expect in this 30 minute webinar?:

  • What is MS SPE?
  • Who is it aimed at?
  • How does it differ from the standard edition of MailStore Server?
  • Quick look around the management interface
  • Basic advice on hardware requirements
  • How much does it cost?

Book your place, completely free and without any obligation:

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More information can also be found on:

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