WorldClient Challenge – Can it really replace Outlook full time?


A new year and a new challenge for MDaemon customers.

Over the last 12 months we have seen significant improvements to WorldClient that have increased both performance as well as functionality and consequently have seen a greater uptake of users switching to it for their main access method.

What we are now interested to know is what is stopping the rest of us from switching to WorldClient full time and moving away from Outlook as our main email client.

To help find out what differences really matter to users we have decided to set a challenge and ask you to use WorldClient as the sole platform for accessing your email and calendars for a whole week. After a week let us know what missing features are real deal breakers or if indeed WorldClient does meet all of your requirements. Even if you don’t last a week and the draw of the yellow envelope is just too strong let us know why.

So why not join us and give WorldClient a go for a week and leave us a comment below to let us know how you get on.

4 thoughts on “WorldClient Challenge – Can it really replace Outlook full time?

  1. One problem is the insertion of multiple files is not supported.
    The agenda mutiples are good but if difficult to locate in the color, it lacks the name

    • Thanks for the comment David, I’m a little confused when you say multiple files are not supported? Are you referring to adding multiple attached files when composing an email? if that’s the case then it is indeed supported. The issue with overlapping agenda items and making it clearer which ones belong to which agenda has been raised and is being looked at.

  2. Too bad that drag and drop for attaching files in the mail composer is not implemented. The current implementation (browse and upload) is not acceptable.

    • Hi Wouter, That feature is currently on the wish list for the developers to consider adding in a future version of MDaemon. We have mentioned it again for them to consider.

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