Relayfax users – which modem hardware are you using?


We’re often asked to recommend specific fax modems we know work with RelayFax so I’m hoping if you’re a current user of the product you might be able to lend us a hand.

We have in the past asked for input from customers and as a result do have a list of recommend hardware but as devices have become obsolete or hard to find, I’m aware it’s become a little dated.

As a rule, we generally recommend you avoid USB modems if possible, and we have seen a number of issues with serial port emulation on the US Robotics devices in particular.

Anyway, we’re keen to compile a more up-to date list of hardware known to work well, so if you’re using RelayFax and can spare a moment we’d certainly appreciate it if you could leave a comment to let us know about the modem you use, including the make and model please.

Many thanks!

MDaemon case study: St George’s School For Girls

St George’s School for Girls was established in the late 1800’s to provide exceptional learning opportunities for students, using excellent teaching and individual support. Introducing MDaemon and the Web-based mail client allowed access to e-mail from anywhere in school or at home, in a number of different languages, on any platform, was ideal for the school as it phased out the Acorns and Apples in order to introduce PCs.

Download: Adobe PDF file, size: 1.2 MB

MDaemon case study: Move With Us

The movewithus Property Relocation Network was formed in 1997. Based in St Ives Cambridgeshire, the network has an increasing membership of partner estate agents and industry professionals throughout the UK and overseas currently with in excess of 600 members.

When the company began with one PC and a single email account, few people in the property industry had email and most communication was paper-based. The major internal change occurred in 1999 when the company automated the agent referral system and all staff had full access to the database and email. Previously, the referral system was all fax-based, with sales leads being posted to the relevant estate agents now all communication is electronic using MDaemon and RelayFax as a basis, Simon King, National Network Manager at Move with Us says, “MDaemon has become critical to our business as both estate agents and the public move to electronic communication”.

Download: Adobe PDF file, size: 2.1 MB