BackupAssist v8 End of Life Promotion – 25% off Expired Single Year Renewals

BackupAssist renewal promotion

All good things must come to an end as the saying goes, and that’s exactly what’s happening to version 8 of BackupAssist in a little over a month’s time as it reaches official end of life status.

If you’re using v8, this doesn’t mean you need to panic because your software will continue to work, however, you should be aware there will be no further updates, fixes or technical support available, plus requests for v8 license deactivations will be declined.

As it happens, with the introduction of the anti-ransomware protection in particular, now really is a fantastic time to think about bringing it up to date, plus we have a little extra incentive if you’re not quite convinced…

From now until 20th Dec 2017, if you renew a version 8 key for 12 months, not only will you benefit from faster, more secure, and better-supported backup, but we’ll give you 25% off the RRP as a sweetener for that deal!

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Exchange 2003 users consider alternatives for Outlook 2013 support

When Microsoft first unveiled Office 2013, they did at the time point out that it wouldn’t be long before they withdrew support for Windows Vista, XP and Office 2003.

More recently however we’ve learned that Exchange 2003 is also on the ‘chopping block‘, and that’s forcing users to consider alternative email solutions.

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