Moving MDaemon to another machine and changing the install path

Sometimes it becomes necessary to move MDaemon to another machine and that machine does not have the same drive letter that the old machine did. If you follow the steps below you will be able to migrate this installation and also update any references to the drive letter path:

1. On the existing MDaemon installation in the MDaemon Interface (GUI) choose Help -> Activate your MDaemon Software and choose the options to deactivate the MDaemon keys.

2. Choose Setup -> Preferences -> Windows Service and click the Remove Service button (if the button says Install service you don’t need to do anything here) and shutdown MDaemon.

3. Copy the entire MDaemon directory to the new directory on the new machine.

4. Use a text editor to edit the following files and point the old directory paths to the new directory paths:

\MDaemon\App\*.grp (if path references have been made)
\MDaemon\App\cfrules.dat (if any content filter rules pointed to a directory)

5. Using a text editor edit the drive letter in the \MDaemon\App\Userlist.dat file to reflect the new location (as this file relies on columns starting at defined line numbers we only recommend modifying the drive letter in this file).

6. On the new machine, install the same version of MDaemon that you’re currently using specifying the new drive and folder location.

7. The action of starting MDaemon will have automatically re-activated your MDaemon keys, but you can confirm their status on the new machine in Help -> Register your MDaemon Software. If a manual activation is required, choose Help -> Register your MDaemon Software -> MDaemon -> Update (Note: MDaemon will then prompt to be restarted to perform its re-activation and call home process).

Additional Steps

If you are using an SSL certificate in MDaemon then the certificate is stored in Windows, not MDaemon and needs to be moved separately. This article explains the process required.