Moving a MailStore server installation to a new server

To move a MailStore Server archive to a new machine including all users, settings and emails follow these steps:

  1. Stop the MailStore Server service on the current machine, either through the MailStore Server Service Configuration or the service control panel or by executing the command ‘net stop “MailStore Server”‘ from the command-line.

  2. Move the master database directory (default: C:\MailArchive) and all its subdirectories and all archive stores that exist on the current machine to the new machine. The directory structure should be preserved.

  3. Transfer your MailStore Server license to the new machine via (Please have the current and new Server NetBIOS  names available)

  4. Install MailStore Server on the new machine.

  5. If the location of the master database directory to use does not match the default path C:\MailArchive, run the MailStore Server Service Configuration utility, stop the MailStore Server service and change the directory of the “Master Database” to the new location.

  6. If you have any client-sided scheduled tasks, export the SSL certificate and private key (usually packaged in a PKCS#12 file) with the common name “MailStore Server” from the machines certificate store and import it to the same location on the new machine. Refer to this article for further information about moving SSL certificates between servers

  7. Start Mailstore Server and activate the installation by entering the 25-digit activation key when logging in as an admin user via the MailStore Client for the first time.

  8. Now set up the scheduled tasks again (as applicable to the version being used).

  9. Uninstall MailStore Server on the old machine. Use Add/Remove Programs available in the control panel.

Please note: Archive stores that are not stored in a relative path to the master database may have to be re-attached or their paths edited after moving the archive. Details about managing archive stores are available in chapter Storage Locations of the MailStore Server manual.