Changes to our technical support offerings

Since we established Zen Software in 2000, we’ve provided free and unlimited technical support for products purchased from us as long as those products have active upgrade cover.

We’re now making some important changes that will allow us to continue providing the excellent level of support that we’re known for – support that often goes well beyond simply supporting the products themselves.

An important first note for existing customers…

For all orders placed before 1st November 2023 we will continue to provide priority telephone/email support for free on licence keys that have active upgrade cover until that licence key’s next renewal date.

Now on to the changes…

From 13th October 2023, we will be offering two tiers of support:-

  • Free email only support
  • Paid for priority telephone/email support

So while we will continue providing free support for products with active upgrade cover this will be via email only with a response time of up to 2 business days. Additionally, the scope of what we’ll offer free support on will be more tightly linked to the product’s features.

For time critical queries or queries that really extend outside the basic support of the product’s features we will now offer a new paid for support tier which will provide access via email and telephone, with response times typically within 1 business hour if we’re not immediately available. As well as covering product specific questions we will also do our best to offer advice on more general queries about any aspects of IT that we have expertise in.

This new paid for support tier will be available on a per organisation basis and will cover all technical staff employed by that organisation.

There will be two purchase options for this tier:-

  • A yearly option which will cost RRP £360.00 plus VAT with a discount of 20% at renewal time if renewed prior to expiry.
  • A single month option costing RRP £90.00 plus VAT which can be purchased as and when priority support is actually needed.

Which option might be best for your organisation?

For many customers, free email support may be all that’s needed.

If you think you’ll rarely need priority support from us (say once per quarter), then you might want to opt to purchase a monthly agreement as and when required.

If you value the assurance of knowing that you can call us for support or advice on your products whenever you need to (during our normal working hours of course) and you think you may need to contact us more than once a quarter then the yearly option is for you.

Additional points for Partner Programme members

  • If your organisation is a member of Zen Software’s Partner Programme, the above prices will be subject to your own Partner Programme discount.
  • If your staff handle all support for your customers then you will only need to purchase a single priority support agreement for your own staff – that is assuming you actually need priority support from us yourselves ie. it is optional!
  • If you have customers where you would prefer them to be able to come to us directly for support on our products you now have the option to resell priority support agreements to your customers along with their licence keys. This will reduce your support load and you will benefit from your own margin on the sale.

Purchase an agreement now and save 20%

Until the end of November 2023 we’re offering an introductory 20% discount on yearly priority support agreements and these can now be purchased here.


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